PR Newswire Gets Social, Integrates StockTwits for Investor Relations

StockTwits is very pleased to announce the integration of The StockTwits Enterprise Service for Investor Relations with PR Newswire’s Capital Markets Visibility 365 program.

Capital Markets 365 provides a strategic and calendared marketing plan for public companies from PR Newswire, the world leader in public relations and news release distribution.

With the inclusion of StockTwits IR, Capital Markets 365 adds “an unmatched network of social media based investors into the program, as well as proprietary insight and analysis regarding social media conversations about a company’s stock.”

Bradley Smith, Director of Marketing at PR Newswire had this to say about the integration:

We’re very excited to bring both the investor network and the passion of StockTwits into our Capital Markets Visibility 365 program. Social media based investors are an engaging, active and transparent audience. It’s important that investor relations departments understand and interact with this large, eclectic group of investors without being overwhelmed. Working with StockTwits, we’ll be able to expertly guide our clients on their goal to reach new online investors.

StockTwits CEO, Howard Lindzon, had this to say about the PR Newswire/StockTwits integration,

Integration within PR Newswire’s products and portals is true validation of social media’s expanding acceptance as a shareholder communications tool. We’re very proud we were selected by PR Newswire to help clients amplify their IR messages using this important new channel. This is a clear indication why PR Newswire is a leading and progressive organization for investor relations services.

The Full Press Release via PR Newswire: PR Newswire Amplifies Social Media Engagement for Investor Relations with StockTwits Integration


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