Overheard on StockTwits: $PALM Reading

The continuing divergence between the Baltic Dry Index, an indicator for global economic activity, and global equity markets is something to watch.  With global trade still contracting, is this just an inflation induced recovery w/ global central banks keeping their respective economies on life support?

At some point Bernanke is going to have to put his money where his mouth is.  If he really thinks the recession is “likely over” then expect to see some hawkish langauge in the FOMC statement.

Hilarious as this tweet is, its the truth.  Although in the days of mass media where history is written in real time, you have to wonder if Fed presidents have the same incentives as politicians – to give the people what will make them liked now, not respected later.

Great conversation around the action in $PALM going into its secondary. The rumor that is being tied to the action is a possible buyout by $NOK (which happens to be up today and probably wouldn’t be up if they bought out $PALM). The fact that $GS is doing the deal doesn’t help the suspicion of foul-play.

Anne Marie is a big believer in watching market internals which seemed to foretell the bounce back we are currently seeing.  Great observation.

Definitely worth noting the action in these two stocks, $GOOG and $MS as they are bigger market tells.

New ETF’s coming out for a certain industry or country are one of my new favorite top signs.  Therefore it must be noted that 6 are now being planned for China.

The standoff appears to be resolved, as $SPX just broke above 1070.

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