Observations, Opinions, & Trades Ahead of Amazon Earnings After the Bell

All eyes will be on Amazon after the bell today as they report their latest earnings. The company still stumps anyone who analyzes balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows via traditional methods. Meanwhile, the stock trades within a whisker of new all-time highs.


Jan. 30 at 1:01 PM

$AMZN ramping to HOD after positive sentiment on @StockTwits explodes. Cold weather benefit and short covering cited.


Jan. 30 at 12:48 PM

$AMZN EPS consensus continues to fall into the report, while Revenue consensus rising rapidly http://stks.co/qvmv

There seems to uncertainty and a complete lack of consensus more than anything else as these messages posted on StockTwits today display. Should make for some volatile trading, regardless of the numbers:


Jan. 30 at 12:40 PM

What are the chances the retail conundrum translates into a big number for $AMZN ? online sales, weather, etc?


Jan. 30 at 1:34 PM

@gtlackey Online sales has been good for them but UPS has been a problem with the weather but people who ordered were patient. #lessreturns


Jan. 30 at 12:57 PM

$AMZN weekly ATM options are expecting an 8% move tonight


Jan. 30 at 1:00 PM

$AMZN can’t disappoint. If it does, I’m out of the game. Expecting it to spike 440+ if results are positive.


Jan. 30 at 12:23 PM

I can’t imagine paying 400 for $AMZN hours before earnings. This seems ripe for a panic back to 385 before earnings. #OMG


Jan. 30 at 1:10 PM

Amazon is the only company in the world with a market cap over $100 billion, and P/E ratio over 100. $AMZN


Jan. 30 at 1:12 PM

@StockTwits @chicagosean $AMZN Short at 402 with cover at 391 AH. Should spike down take out stops there regardless of numbers.


Jan. 30 at 1:58 PM

@chicagosean Straddle seems fairly priced, pricing 6.5 st dev moves, long Apri 400/380 strangle and Short Feb 07 415/365, pure vol crush


Jan. 30 at 1:17 PM

$AMZN Q4 2013 consumer spending up, retail sales down = AMZN up – I’m not playing it, but that’s my theoretical bet. GL to all


Jan. 30 at 1:19 PM

@chicagosean Big Boy Iron Condor 320/340 Puts & 470/490 Calls for 1.05 credit per contract. Just a simple Volatility Crush play.


Jan. 30 at 1:29 PM

$AMZN Thinking about a strangle for earnings


Jan. 30 at 1:51 PM

$AMZN Small position into AMZN earnings. Those brick and mortar shoppers went to amazon..

Even the $AMZN sentiment chart on StockTwits is decidedly mixed:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.13.39 PM

~Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)


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