Morning Preview: Yelp Drops, Google Splits, And A Sneaky Agriculture ETF

1.) Google ($GOOG) is splitting its shares and people are saying it is one of the most interesting splits ever seen. The split is meant to keep voting power in the hands of Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The 2-for-1 split will create Class A shares traded under the ticker $GOOGL and Class C shares traded under the ticker $GOOG. It’s all about voting rights:

The difference between $GOOG and $GOOGL will show the value of voting rights. I think voting will jump up and non-voting to drift lower.

— Wolf (@Strattonite) Apr. 2 at 11:17 AM

Retail doesn't care about voting rights. They will see $GOOG stock at half price and buy. Love the stock split, $GOOG doing everything right

— Viking (@Viking) Apr. 2 at 01:24 PM

Keep a close eye on $GOOGL & $GOOG today. Will "new" $GOOG shares (no vote) trade at discount? $GOOG at $569.30 #premarket. $GOOGL at $573.

— Paul La Monica (@lamonicabuzz) Apr. 3 at 07:40 AM


2.) Yelp ($YELP) is down 10% this week and that’s partly because of the FTC, who recently revealed that there have been over 2000 customer and consumer complaints since 2008. One of the most interesting developments related to this news is the huge change in sentiment that’s occurred on StockTwits. Since yesterday, bearish sentiment on the StockTwits $YELP stream climbed 7%, and message volume jumped 50%:

$YELP actually, 2000 complaints in 6 years and not one sanction says it all. Bad businesses will always whine — and eventually die

— Dominic Jones (@irwebreport) Apr. 2 at 04:54 PM

@howardlindzon @irwebreport "Yelp sinks after FTC reveals over 2,000 complaints since 2008 $YELP

— Jean Fonteneau (@JFinDallas) Apr. 2 at 02:40 PM

$YELP Trading over 200x '15 earns I think upside will b tough from here.Bearish engulfing bar doesnt bode well & imo 75 is just a speed bump

— Lee Soffel (@Rogue24) Apr. 2 at 11:10 PM


3.) Soft commodities like coffee, sugar, corn and wheat have already had near parabolic runs this year. Perhaps this was even the most important inflation signal of the decade. Now traders and investors on StockTwits have turned their attention to a sneaky derivative play named the PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF ($DBA). This ETF measures a basket of agriculture stocks and products and its at a key moment right now:

Ahem – $DBA at important support line…might lose it

— Becky Hiu (@BeckyHiu) Apr. 2 at 05:22 PM

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