Morning Preview: When A Biotech Plummets, And A 60 Minutes Review

In today’s morning preview we’re looking at the 3 things that are getting a ton of attention on StockTwits. Here they are:

1.) This year already, we’ve watched several biotech stocks spike more than 100% in just a few minutes. And most of the spikes have been sparked by positive drug trial results or government approvals. Today, however, we saw what happens to a biotech stock when it misses on trial results. A company named Prana Biotechnology ($PRAN), which is researching a cure for Alzheimer’s, missed on a key data point and the stock plummeted more than 60%:

Prana Biotech $PRAN Reports PBT2 Phase II Did Not Meet Primary Endpoint in Alzheimer’s Disease $$

— StreetInsider (@Street_Insider) Mar. 31 at 06:16 AM

Here's what happened to $PRAN after it missed on trial/data points:

— stefan cheplick (@scheplick) Mar. 31 at 07:39 AM


2.) It’s Monday and there are several big economic events to watch out for this week. Janet Yellen is speaking in Chicago today, and a huge jobs report is on Friday. Get ready. Here’s a great calendar that was shared on StockTwits late Sunday evening:

$MACRO | US Economic Calendar for March 31 to April 4.

— Kas (@jackdamn) Mar. 30 at 09:45 PM


3.) Everyone is talking about 60 Minutes. They aired two segments last night about high frequency trading (HFT) and Elon Musk. If we had to assign a bull or bear to the two topics the consensus is super bearish HFT and remarkably bullish Elon Musk. We just combed through several of the StockTwits streams like $TSLA and $SPY and we found these messages:

$TSLA Thomas Edison famously said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So is Elon a genius? I think so. Please comment

— kiran (@kiran_medarapu) Mar. 31 at 02:23 AM

$TSLA After watching Elon Musk on 60 minutes, I feel even more ridiculous that I let this golden goose go at 120 dollars a share.

— Joseph Drago (@Joey_Drago_) Mar. 31 at 01:47 AM

$TSLA Talk about great free advertising on 60 minutes…

— Go Bucks (@DocStoc) Mar. 30 at 08:02 PM

h/t @DumbLuckCapital for pointing out that Musk isn't $TSLA's founder. (first round funding was pre his arrival) Point is still valid.

— Aron Pinson (@MicroFundy) Mar. 30 at 09:35 PM

$spy.. in reference to my posts last night about HFT's. I DO NOT think the mkt is rigged. I just think HFT is front running.

— christopher brecher (@christopherbrecher) Mar. 31 at 07:05 AM

$spy..hft's get access to order flow before anyone else, and that is o.k.? Anyone that's doing hours of research to trade, should be pissed

— christopher brecher (@christopherbrecher) Mar. 30 at 09:03 PM

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