Morning Preview: The Stock Market and WhatsApp Set New Records

1.) Yesterday, the S&P 500 hit a new all-time high. It’s now up 2% year-to-date, and this could become the bulls first big move. On StockTwits, bullish sentiment on the S&P 500 ($SPX) stream jumped 13%, making it one of its largest single-day increases of the year. Bullish sentiment is currently at 51% and Bearish sentiment is at 49%:

Markets close at the top of their daily ranges. Fresh intra-day high for $SPX New all time closing high for NYSE. Confirmed Uptrend!

— Michael Lamothe (@MichaelGLamothe) Apr. 1 at 04:04 PM

Rigged market closes at all time highs $SPX

— joe donohue (@upsidetrader) Apr. 1 at 06:15 PM


2.) The S&P 500 was not the only major index that closed at a new all-time high yesterday. Another huge indice also hit a new record yesterday and we even wrote about it late last night. The NYSE Composite ($NYA) is comprised of every single stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and look what it just did:

$NYSE $NYA $SPX In other news, the NYSE Composite broke out to new ATH today…

— Robert Lesnicki (@TraderRL23) Apr. 1 at 06:48 PM


3.) While both the S&P 500 and NYSE Composite set new records, so did Facebook’s WhatsApp. One particular post caught our attention: WhatsApp handled nearly 1 billion sent and received messages yesterday at a tune of almost 1 million per second. That is a record for WhatsApp and it’s huge news for Facebook ($FB), who clearly bought a company that is still growing rapidly:

$FB WhatsApp zaps 64BILLION messages in ONE day CNET report –

— Janine K (@JanineK) Apr. 2 at 05:45 AM

$FB is killing $GOOG in Mobile.
Adding Whatsapp and Instagram is like 25% of time spent by users is on FB hands.

— Thebiglife (@Thebiglife) Apr. 2 at 12:04 AM

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