Morning Preview: The Return Of Merger Monday Seen In 3 Deals

Today, on StockTwits, everyone is talking about mergers & acquisitions. It could be a sign that the M&A market is heating up. We listed 3 huge potential M&A deals below and you have to follow the discussion live on

1.) Pfizer ($PFE) wants to acquire AstraZeneca ($AZN) in a massive deal worth $100 billion:

BREAKING: Pfizer says plans renewed push to purchase Astrazeneca $PFE $AZN

— JJ (@JJSinghSTARR) Apr. 27 at 10:00 PM

I want a new drug. $AZN up 17% #premarket as $PFE shows it really, really, really wants to buy the company.

— Paul La Monica (@lamonicabuzz) Apr. 28 at 07:49 AM


2.) Forest Labs ($FRX) is set to acquire Furiex Pharma ($FURX) in a deal worth roughly $1.5 billion:

And the M&A party continues: Forest Labs to buy Furiex Pharmaceuticals for $1.46B in cash and rights $FRX $FURX

— Darcy Keith (@eyeonequities) Apr. 28 at 07:21 AM

Welcome to Merger Monday: $ETP & $SUSS, $FRX & $FURX, $PFE & $AZN

— Ben Silverberg (@silverjet2) Apr. 28 at 08:43 AM


3.) Energy Transfer Partners ($ETP) is going to acquire Susser Holdings Corporation ($SUSS) for nearly $2 billion:

The part of $SUSS that everyone was ignoring was the MLP & IDR's & that is the reason for the bid

— Tsachy Mishal (@CapitalObserver) Apr. 28 at 07:13 AM

Energy Transfer $ETP to Acquire Susser $SUSS in $1.8B Deal

— StreetInsider (@Street_Insider) Apr. 28 at 07:56 AM

While $ETP will be issuing units to acquire $SUSS, it will sell the $SUSP IDR's to $ETE & retire units. On net could be close to a wash

— Tsachy Mishal (@CapitalObserver) Apr. 28 at 08:27 AM


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