Morning Preview: The 3 Stocks With Increasing Message Volume On StockTwits

On StockTwits, we love sentiment and message volume. They change quickly and rapidly with big announcements or news. In today’s morning preview we’re taking a look at 3 stocks that have seen huge changes in social sentiment. Here they are:

1.) Blackberry ($BBRY) report earnings this morning and like we expected message volume is spiking. Over the last 24 hours message volume is up 24% and approaching 4,000 messages shared on a 7-day rolling basis. Blackberry climbed as much as 7% after they reported earnings and here’s why:

$BBRY Q4 revenue breakdown: 37% hardware, 56% services, 7% software and other. Service is increasing – that's where the money is :D

— Saif Ross (@Rossx) Mar. 28 at 07:32 AM

$bbry "Investors should also be impressed by adjusted gross margin improvement to 43% in Q4, up from 34% in the prior quarter"

— Gordy1 (@Nodrog1) Mar. 28 at 07:23 AM

BlackBerry says about 2.3M BlackBerry 7 Devices Sold Through To End Customers in 4Q $BBRY $BB.CA

— Darcy Keith (@eyeonequities) Mar. 28 at 07:04 AM


2.) The ticker $BIS is a ProShares UltraShort Biotech ETF and on StockTwits message volume hit a new yesterday above 200. It’s become one of the most popular ETFs on StockTwits, and it’s used to short the biotech sector. Over the last month $BIS is up nearly 30%. Some traders are using $BIS because of charts like this:

Channel support here, willing to buy? Selling pressure picks on a close below this? $IBB $QQQ $RWM

— Chris Kimble (@KimbleCharting) Mar. 27 at 01:28 PM


3.) Alcoa ($AA) is up 18% this year and is hitting its highest levels in over 2 years. Both message volume and sentiment are close to hitting new highs on StockTwits too. Several weeks ago message volume climbed above 300 messages shared and sentiment is at 97% bullish right now. Here’s what some people are saying:

$AA broke out with good volume yesterday. Placed limit buy order at 12.38

— Wilson Lee (@WilsonLee) Mar. 28 at 08:55 AM

Reminder – Entering Long $AA

— Jon Boorman, CMT (@JBoorman) Mar. 28 at 08:06 AM

$AA Textbook pocket pivot and breakout. But at the same time scratching my head. Market in correction, why now? None

— AskLou (@AskLou) Mar. 27 at 10:44 PM

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