Morning Preview: McDonald’s, Big Bank Earnings, and No-mentum

In today’s Friday morning preview we are looking at 3 stories that have either been trending on StockTwits all week or rising right now with unusual social activity. Here they are:

1.) On Thursday, there was a torrential sell-off in equity markets, but one company seemed to withstand it all. That company was McDonald’s ($MCD). It was up a little more than 1% and is now roughly $4 away from its all-time high of $103.70. If you’re following the $MCD StockTwits stream, total message volume has nearly doubled this week, and bullish sentiment sits at 90%!:

So far the market rout has not affected $MCD. Breaking out. Earnings are 4/22.

— David Blair (@crosshairtrader) Apr. 11 at 06:31 AM

Big Macs and Ma Bell. Just 2 Dow stocks are up today: $MCD & $T. Can you say slow and steady, boring dividend stocks? I knew you could.

— Paul La Monica (@lamonicabuzz) Apr. 10 at 04:00 PM


2.) JP Morgan ($JPM) and Wells Fargo $WFC) reported earnings this morning and it appears their reports were near polar opposites. JP Morgan reported a sizeable miss while Wells Fargo reported a sizeable beat. We just combed through the StockTwits $JPM and $WFC streams and found these 4 messages that you should see about each earnings report:

Huge drop in mortgage banking revenue & net income for $JPM. No huge surprise since rates have crept up. But still not good. Refi boom over.

— Paul La Monica (@lamonicabuzz) Apr. 11 at 07:05 AM

$jpm..You gotta love it..JPM to buyback more in stock than they loan out to individuals.

— christopher brecher (@christopherbrecher) Apr. 11 at 07:10 AM

$WFC has been the best performing big bank in 2014, up nearly 6% YTD. $JPM down 1.5% YTD- news follows price.

— Michael Batnick (@TheIrrelevantInvestor) Apr. 11 at 08:12 AM

$WFC "credit performance was strong in Q1 as losses remained at historically low levels. nonperforming assets continued to decrease"

— Ned Graham (@nedgraham) Apr. 11 at 08:10 AM


3.) There has been no bigger story over the last month than the crash in momentum stocks. $YELP, $WDAY, $SPLK, $FEYE and many more have pretty much collapsed, some dropping more than 35%. This sell-off has led to huge drops in indexes like the Nasdaq-100, which is down 3% since April began. Even the biotech sector is dropping. The largest biotech ETF, $IBB, fell 5.5% on Thursday. So how ugly can this get? Indexes in Japan and Europe are selling-off just as hard:

The Nikkei is down 5.12% in the last 5 trading days $EWJ $SPY $QQQ

— 1971 Capital (@1971capital) Apr. 10 at 10:38 PM


— @WallStJesus (@WallStJesus) Apr. 11 at 08:47 AM

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