Morning Preview: Google, Bank of America Earnings, and 3 Fed Events

Today’s Wednesday morning preview is all about earnings on StockTwits. More than 100 companies report earnings this week including names like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs, Google, and General Electric. Here are the 3 earnings reports that everyone is talking about on StockTwits right now:

1.) Google ($GOOG, $GOOGL) reports earnings after the market close today and already it is one of the most talked about stocks of the day. Sentiment on StockTwits currently stands at 67% bullish vs 33% bearish. Message volume is also on the rise, up nearly 10% as everyone prepares for its earnings:

$GOOG analyst report out today.

— Newt (@AAPLTradingRoom) Apr. 16 at 02:43 AM

Google CEO Lawrence Page Sells $22,570,472 in $GOOG

— ARN Insider Trades (@ARNInsiderTrades) Apr. 15 at 07:06 PM

Solar Powered Drones, Driverless Cars, and More Revenue Growth Ahead $GOOG $FB @TechStockRadar

— Estimize (@Estimize) Apr. 15 at 02:28 PM


2.) Bank of America ($BAC) reported earnings this morning and the big news was its legal costs. The bank spent roughly $6 billion in legal expenses. Here’s what some traders are saying:

$BAC this quarter was all about the revenue.. putting most of legal issues behind..nothing fuzzy about that

— BlueLion (@BlueLion) Apr. 16 at 07:21 AM

$BAC Nothing bad about this ER. Remove the litigation costs, etc., & they would have beat. Expect a short term drop today & then a reversal.

— Keith (@tradinwarrior) Apr. 16 at 07:23 AM


3.) There are some notable Fed events happening today. This includes a speech from Janet Yellen Economic Club of New York and also a speech from Richard Fisher in Austin, Texas. Then, at 2:00 PM ET, the Fed’s Beige Book will be released:

$SPY for the first time, I thank Fed for bringing in some volatility.

— Steve (@first1billion) Apr. 15 at 04:47 PM

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