Morning Preview: Could Coca-Cola and Schwab Turn The Market Around?

Today’s Tuesday morning preview is all about earnings on StockTwits. More than 100 companies report earnings this week including names like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Google, and General Electric. Here are the 3 earnings reports that everyone is talking about on StockTwits right now:

1.) Coca-Cola ($KO) is planning to repurchase $2.5 to $3 billion shares this year. Its earnings were mediocre, being mostly inline. But the buyback could be seen as a much more interesting observation for the entire market. Who wants to be short in the middle of earnings season when companies are buying back shares? Don’t ignore the buyback trend this earnings season. Coke is currently hitting its highest levels since January:

$JNJ & $KO are each ~10% of their respective indices today, should give them a nice boost.

— The Irrelevant Investor (@MichaelBatnick) Apr. 15 at 08:39 AM

Coke volume +2%, ahead of consensus & despite later Easter; And those EM basket cases? China +12%, India +6%, Russia +9% & Brazil +4% $KO

— Rahul Sharma (@retail_guru) Apr. 15 at 07:51 AM


2.) Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) reported a notable beat and raise early this morning. But what’s even more fascinating is the strength of $JNJ. It’s already right back near its all-time highs. Despite the fact that most major stock indices are red year-to-date, $JNJ is actually up more than 6%. Now let’s factor in this huge beat:

$JNJ reports Q1 adj. EPS $1.54, cons. $1.48; revs. $18.1B, cons. $18.0B; raises FY14 EPS to $5.80-$5.90, cons. $5.83.

— Jan (@xtremezz) Apr. 15 at 08:01 AM

This morning, $JNJ, KO, $SCHW all crushed earnings. Not sure how, but a great sign for consumer businesses.

— Pierce Crosby (@CrosbyVenture) Apr. 15 at 09:01 AM


3.) Charles Schwab ($SCHW) reported a monster beat too. Its earnings report crushed just about every analyst estimate possible. The Schwab earnings report has become a notable barometer for the retail trading and investing environment. Schwab reported that total client assets hit a new record at $2.31 trillion. They also added 258,000 new brokerage accounts in the quarter, which is a 6% increase from last year:

Schwab $SCHW put up another great report today, they keep stealing share by offering a simply better mobile banking experience, free ATMs

— Leigh Drogen (@LDrogen) Apr. 15 at 09:17 AM

$SCHW Charles Schwab Jumps 4.4% on Mind Blowing Results

— TickrWatch (@TickrWatch) Apr. 15 at 08:55 AM

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