Morning Preview: Apple, Qualcomm, and Facebook Earnings

Today’s Wednesday morning preview is all about earnings on StockTwits. More than 300 companies report earnings this week including names like Visa, Ford, McDonald’s, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and many more. There is no better place to watch it all unfold than on StockTwits:

1.) After today’s closing bell several of the world’s biggest earnings reports will break including both Apple ($AAPL) and Facebook ($FB). Apple is down 5% this year and bullish sentiment on StockTwits has dropped even further. At the beginning of the year, total bullish sentiment hovered around 90%. Today, that number has fallen to 65%. Here are some headlines that have caught our eye this week:

$AAPL Offical earnings conference call streaming live from apple @ 5pm est link:

— Pete O (@PeteO) Apr. 23 at 08:19 AM

MacRumors: Apple's iPhone 6 release delayed for battery issue $AAPL

— Vconomics (@Vconomics) Apr. 22 at 06:08 PM

$aapl..cnet reporting large screen iphone might not be ready till 2015

— christopher brecher (@christopherbrecher) Apr. 22 at 02:10 PM

$AAPL Screenshot of IOS 8 Healthbook – Time to add Stress tracking, which is inevitable after consuming so much info

— Sri (@vatsid) Apr. 21 at 10:22 PM


2.) Facebook ($FB) has so far spent $21 billion on acquisitions this year and everyone wants to hear what Mark Zuckerberg will say about his company next. Facebook is up 15% year-to-date and sentiment on StockTwits has held strong too. $FB sentiment currently sits at 79% bulls vs. 21% bears. Here are some of the incredible shares we’re seeing on StockTwits today about what $FB stock is doing right now:

$FB A look at the stock price to earnings relationship

— Jason Strauss (@JXMFinancial) Apr. 22 at 10:33 PM

$FB 82 percent bullish sentiment into earnings.

— christopher brecher (@christopherbrecher) Apr. 23 at 07:48 AM

$FB OI. Options market pricing in move of $5.50 currently

— SassySPY (@Sassy_SPY) Apr. 22 at 10:09 PM


3.) As one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, Qualcomm’s earnings are a must-watch. The demand for their services is an excellent way to benchmark and gauge smartphone growth and penetration around the world. Here’s what we’re seeing on StockTwits:

QUALCOMM Expected to Benefit Further From the Smartphone Boom $QCOM

— Estimize (@Estimize) Apr. 22 at 05:54 PM

$QCOM ready to breakout

— Trade4Me (@Trade4Me) Apr. 20 at 06:40 AM

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