Morning Preview: 5 Things You Have To See Before Today’s Opening Bell

Yesterday, @ChicagoSean wrote a must-read piece about the current state of the market as seen on StockTwits. If you haven’t read it yet, you must go read it now. It demonstrates how StockTwits and the Trending Ticker Bar can be an incredibly powerful market barometer.

Today, in our morning preview, we are looking at 5 stories and charts recently shared on StockTwits that you should see before today’s opening bell. Here they are:
1.) TD Ameritrade set a new record in February for monthly average client trades per day. In February alone, roughly 501,000 trades were executed at TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade Makes History as Monthly Average Trades Per Day Crosses 500,000 for First Time $AMTD

— Prop Trader (@Prop_Trader) Mar. 12 at 05:38 AM

2.) Carl Icahn, in some respects, was the face of the market in 2013. He once moved $AAPL by several billion dollars with a single tweet. This chart was shared on StockTwits yesterday. It shows how total short interest on Icahn’s company, Icahn Enterprises $IEP, hit an all-time high last month:

People feel like shorting Icahn these days…. $IEP short interest climbing…

— Chris Art (@moenchart) Mar. 11 at 08:10 PM

3.) The price of copper continued to tumble yesterday and it will be watched closely today. The copper ETF $JJC fell to a 4.5 year low and the copper futures $HG_F fell to a 3.5 year low:

Copper ETF $JJC flirting w/ lowest levels since July 09. $HG_F Comments Chart

— J.C. Parets (@allstarcharts) Mar. 11 at 11:09 AM

4.) Fuel cell stocks $BLDP and $PLUG have become some of the most wild stocks on the market. $PLUG dropped by 40% yesterday but it’s still up more than 300% on the year. On StockTwits, one trader got super creative and overlaid all of his $BLDP price targets on a widely cited and shared bubble chart:

$BLDP Not professional or to scale. Just what to watch for tomorrow. Correction vs. Bubble.

— Ian Armstrong (@imperativeideas) Mar. 11 at 10:39 PM

5.) There have been 74 IPO filings this year already including GoPro and but nothing catches our eye more than a high frequency trading firm filing for an IPO:

High-frequency trading firm Virtu Financial files for an IPO that could raise $250 million $VIRT #HFT $IPO #IPO

— Renaissance Capital (@IPOtweet) Mar. 11 at 11:45 AM

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