Monday Wrap: Your New Speculative Leaders. Head East (Wayyyyy East).

With the indexes back up, the speculative crowd quickly returned to their trading posts and found new horses to ride in China. The news of Chinese internet commerce giant Alibaba’s IPO (in which Yahoo $YHOO is heavily invested) seems to have everyone remembering that China has a stock market too, sending anything with a hint of chinese exposure rapidly higher today:

YOU On-Demand Holdings $YOD: up 24%+
Sina Corp $SINA: up 6%+
Sky-mobi limited $MOBI: up 14%+
Kandi Technologies $KNDI: up 22%+

Investors seem to be positioning for further capital investment in China and betting that the Alibaba IPO is the signal for growth investors that China is on better footing. We’ll see.

As the early buying frenzy maintained a majority of gains heading into the close, here are some of the best messages that captured the zeitgeist today.

$YOD Raised PT to $10 but looking more like a buy out is coming. Crazy end of day volumes, new 52 week high easily tomorrow

— Turtle Trader (@Turtletrader) Mar. 17 at 01:28 PM

As $YOD ramped into the close, here’s a good clue as to why:

$YOD 10 million float with 670k short I like to buy

— SteelWheels (@SteelWheels) Mar. 17 at 01:57 PM


Do holders with longer time-frames see this running significantly further?

$KNDI This kind of volume indicates that institutions are getting in, they don't get into small caps for 50% gain, more likely 100%+ gain.

— My turn (@IronHeart) Mar. 17 at 11:16 AM


And more catalysts on the horizon:

Sina $SINA with a nice bounce today. It's a buy on any pullback. Weibo IPO will send shares flying. Alibaba is doing same for Yahoo $YHOO.

— BullTrade Corp (@BullTradeDotCom) Mar. 17 at 12:51 PM


When Citron comes out bullish in a name, you know its a weird day ;)

Citron is positive on $MOBI??? Wow.

— Brian Bolan (@bbolan1) Mar. 17 at 10:07 AM


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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