Mentorship and a Warrior Mindset Can Accomplish Amazing Feats — Simple and commonsense techniques to master your domain

  1. Focus on only the things you have total control over: your effort and your attitude.
  2. Love what you do and attack each day with joy and enthusiasm.
  3. Dream big and ignore the naysayers.
  4. Be relentless and NEVER give up on your dreams.
  5. Choose faith over fear.

Whatever your chosen venture — whether it be trading, kite boarding, starting a business, teaching math, climbing a mountain, or being a better parent — mentorship and the right mindset helps focus you and holds you accountable to the essentials required to make it.

We recently spoke with incredibly inspiring Darrin Donnelly, a stock market trader and entrepreneur who is paying it forward with a fantastic new book and a fresh take on mentorship titled: Think Like A Warrior — the five inner beliefs that make you unstoppable.

Darrin found traditional mentorship via his father when he got into the trading game, but things really took off when he found deep connection with a trader whom he never met — Nicolas Darvas — through a book Mr. Darvas authored in 1960 titled How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market. Though a schmaltzy title, the book is a fantastic first-person account of how a full-time Dancer turned his side hobby into a fantastic money making operation, all while never deviating from his hectic and globe-trotting travel schedule that his Dancing career demanded.

This story spurred Darrin (@darvastrader on StockTwits) to tackle the markets, and over years of trials and tribulations he learned no matter what system one employs to guide your operations, none of it matters if you don’t have the proper mindset to keep you steady and on track when the turns get tighter and unpredictable.

To share the knowledge and experience he’s gained, Darrin’s recently published book explores five inner beliefs that can make you unstoppable through a fictional story about a Head Coach for a Division I College Football team. The story is entertaining, enlightening, and the lessons are profound. No matter your goals or chosen profession, this book will move you.

Our chat with Darrin in the latest episode of #TheMustFollowPodcastexplores how these inner beliefs relate specifically to Traders and the art of market mastery, and we also discuss some of the techniques that his mentor Nicolas Darvas employed to turn $30,000 to over $2million in an incredibly short time.

Please enjoy…

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