Markets Getting Slippery. StockTwits Community Weighs In.

The S&P is scraping low levels not seen in a few months as the “fear index” $VIX continues to signal more to come.


Feb. 3 at 10:04 AM

$SPY $QQQ $TLT mkt testing Yellen on her first day – first play a snap into the end zone for a safety- lets see how she recovers


Feb. 3 at 11:27 AM

$XLV IV rank at 100%.. volatility hitting new 52 week highs along with other sectors at very high premiums $SPY $QQQ


Some levels to watch:


Feb. 3 at 11:05 AM

All eyes should be on the NASDAQ and its 50-day moving average line. That’s where the battle continues. $COMPQ $QQQ


Feb. 3 at 11:57 AM

Last time in Oct 2013 the $DIA hit its daily 200SMA and $SPY was below its daily 100SMA we bottomed and rallied to ATH’s in 7 days.


And the implications of this move are starting to set in:


Feb. 3 at 12:01 PM

$SPY no one is predicting anything more than a correction which makes me think we might be in trouble.


~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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