MacroTwits Transcript: Sunday July 5, 2009

StockTwits: Jul. 05 at 10:02 PM
A special shout out tonight to all who join us for MacroTwits and especially those who share. Quite a bunch now congregating here!
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 10:01 PM
Heard about tent cities popping up in Sacramento, LA – different from existing homeless comm., in that the occupants are middle class $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 10:01 PM
I think the whole Chinese government will retire to CA. Think that running CN is too much trouble with 1.3B ppl $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
@alienone Good point on the pessimism. Should be tradable opp. somewhere in all of this doom and gloom. :) $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
@Brodieville – if you have no contingency plans – then yes – threshold to economic feasibility of relocating becomes problematic $$
cuccaa: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
$SPY Senario’s for playing the H & S on SPY, on a 60 min. time frame, , good luck!!
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
@mp7124 very likely/possible, but the frenzy of negativity is relentless. I have no quibbles with the tone, things seem disintegrating $$
Twigins: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
CA still not willing to pay for what they want, if they can’t pay, they then need to decide what they can live without. Like a household $$
traderpsyches: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
$ES_F oops 884 1st – then 875. #mkt
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
What would cause Mutual/Pension/Insurance/Hedge funds to all dump? A run on the dollar? $$
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 10:00 PM
@nancefinance It also lacks WATER! $$
anthonybrown: Jul. 05 at 9:59 PM
@GregorMacdonald I think Bernanke prefers helicopters.. I’d expect Chinooks carrying pallets to Sacramento :) $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:59 PM
What I see coming in the US is alot of people trying to get to cities of 500K or less. That way, you can get stuff done. DC, Sacto: mess. $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:59 PM
@ryamada NREL just got 200 million new money, NIST hiring like mad, Commerce Dept, etc etc etc Boulder is THRIVING $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:59 PM
For those who missed it, WSJ piece on struct. reasons why CA has problems: “How California Became France” $$
nancefinance: Jul. 05 at 9:59 PM
@mp7124 @GregorMacdonald The delivery addresses a symptom, not the underlying problems. CA still too earthquake, wildfire prone. $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:58 PM
Perhaps StockTwits is realistic and are seeking likely outcomes. $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:58 PM
@ some point within the scope of the economic game of life the buck has got to stop somewhere – else everyone IOU`s everyone else $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:58 PM
@alienone but it takes a lot of resources & planning to move out of state, agree? $$
NoDoji: Jul. 05 at 9:58 PM
@magikmsu can’t find your “Crash scenario” post. could you explain? $ES_F
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:58 PM
Scale is now a major issue. If you are huge like California, you can’t get stuff done. In Boulder, you can. In Austin, you can. And so on $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:57 PM
reasons to leave CA – IOU`s, taxation, Mexico/immigration issues, criminal activity, unemployment $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:57 PM
just a comment, we on StockTwits seem resolutely pessimistic & sky is falling, it gets worse as the hour continues…. $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:57 PM
Would the FED be willing to send a C130 to every state in trouble? What do you get in exchange? $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:57 PM
China has NO NIMBY’s nor any BANANAS to interfere with WIND FARMS development in China 20GW of new wind by end of 2012 $$
Twigins: Jul. 05 at 9:57 PM
CA could not even agree on what could be cut, never mind what cuts to make … giving them money let’ the continue on the path = bad $$
magikmsu: Jul. 05 at 9:56 PM
Still looking to buy a gap down open on $ES_F…i hope this weakness continues until the morning.
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:56 PM
The Calif. numbers are relatively small. They can be patched short term. $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:55 PM
@mbusigin In today’s world, you reform yourself, or you get reformed from outside the system. Violently. $$
FinanceTrends: Jul. 05 at 9:55 PM
“In Krugman’s world, prosperity is created by spending…” $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:54 PM
@gregormacDonald ask yourself one simple question, would “”YOU”” move to Arnolds IOU world if U had a choice ?? alot will move out of CA $$
traderpsyches: Jul. 05 at 9:54 PM
$ES_F lookin at 875 – last swing low #mkt
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:54 PM
@GregorMacdonald How will this happen? I do know that Smith, for one, is going broke–countless emails. $$
mike9958: Jul. 05 at 9:53 PM
good old Joe $$
Good_Trade: Jul. 05 at 9:53 PM
In case you don’t know one main problem is for anything budget or laws to pass the state assembly in CA you need a super majority GET IT $$
magikmsu: Jul. 05 at 9:53 PM
$ES_F just made a big move down, hopefully that “Crash Scenario” i mentioned last week does not come into play…now down 8 points
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:52 PM
Joe Biden Acknowledges Administration ‘Misread’ The Economy – Freudian slip – what else have they misread economically $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:52 PM
Per @mikestiller ‘s question, I wonder that US university towns will increasingly catch money managment firms. Decentralization? $$
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:52 PM
RT @pdenlinger:I think things will turn from mediocre to ugly soon because the systems in place are incapable of internal reform $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:52 PM
So for the next week: 4 debt auctions, continuing emer. mkt instability -> surprising strength in dollar? $$
Twigins: Jul. 05 at 9:52 PM
@pdenlinger I concur, no one has taken appropriate action yet and we are STILL not on the streets demanding it $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:51 PM
@pdenlinger That’s a perfect articulation of what’s wrong. $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:51 PM
@ZipperTheory everyone knows I dont like Solars, too much cap ex 4 ROI 4 megawatts in solar, I like WIND and BIOMASS elec plants $$ $APWR
FinanceTrends: Jul. 05 at 9:51 PM
Lots of Cali/NV real estate news in RE links section of Dollar Collapse $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:51 PM
If debt were cancelled who would smell if first? Bond market? $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:51 PM
down trend on the data – short frenzy in the wings $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:51 PM
@mbusigin I think things will turn from mediocre to ugly soon because the systems in place are incapable of internal reform $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:50 PM
$$ only invest in profitable cash rich companies making ALOT of money in China 4 Green Energy $$ @GregorMacDonald there is never a rush
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:50 PM
@diver2anne Same way as always: monetisation, which is why their appetite for it is shrinking. $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:49 PM
I follow Setser too to track UST market via foreign bid. Shift to short end has been huge amidst sold demand. @ryamada @ZipperTheory $$
Twigins: Jul. 05 at 9:49 PM
more & more prof’s are saying debt must be cancelled … lol, we’ll know we’ve hit bottom when that happens $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:49 PM
@pdenlinger You sound like you’re tweeting out of the movie The Postman tonight. $$
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:48 PM
@mbusigin How else does China get paid back its debt? $$
stockaddict: Jul. 05 at 9:48 PM
Samsung posts ~$2B in 2Q profits.. Korean mrkt not US. international friends can get a piece of the pie.. $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:48 PM
For the healing to begin, debt must be cancelled or converted. Will we see massive personal and corporate bankruptcys? $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:48 PM
Next scenario for US cities: Cities start issuing residency permits for basic services to keep out other city residents. Then city walls? $$
KiddJones: Jul. 05 at 9:48 PM
$GS someone stole their secret sauce
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:47 PM
Forex quiet tonight save for some JPY strength. SPX futures off 4.50 point. Gold flat (AUG futures). Oil very weak just above 65.00. $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:47 PM
@mbusigin dunno, but they seem to love the Treasury debt, still. they mainly want commodity resources these days. $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:46 PM
@darnoc only buy the PROFITABLE China companies, why buy trash when you can have filet mignon with $APWR ?? $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:46 PM
@GregorMacdonald I haven’t checked Setser’s site lately, but I assume things haven’t changed in last couple weeks $$
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:46 PM
@Brodieville as Pdenlinger has often said: the Chines are PATIENT, Americans not. $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:46 PM
@GregorMacdonald article in WSJ a few wks ago about Seattle & Portland experiencing growing pains. still magnets, but jobs a problem. $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:45 PM
@Brodieville Why would they want to? $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:45 PM
My road-map for US RE recovery was a final bottom 2010. Now I suspect many asking your same question: why buy? No urgency indeed @Twigins $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:45 PM
@GregorMacdonald Re: China and CA – I’d expect to see an increase in China purchases of Agencies/US corp bonds before CA warrants… $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:45 PM
Companies in Boulder HIRING , lots of new jobs and new folks in town for 2nd and 3rd interviews or being hired $$
FinanceTrends: Jul. 05 at 9:44 PM
Wondering what avg. price for a typical single-family home would be if it were an all cash transaction (no LT mortgages) $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:44 PM
@GregorMacdonald so when will China own us? hmmm… $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:44 PM
This is the key condition in Portland, yes. Smart Gov. Smart populace. And high unemployment among young people. @ericjackson $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:43 PM
@GregorMacdonald Squatters with guns. Wld make for charming neighborhoods. $$
Jupiter0: Jul. 05 at 9:43 PM
$$ Anyone know where I can view the individual stocks advancing and declining each day?
darnoc: Jul. 05 at 9:43 PM
@wind4me fear that CN clean energy cos will expect govt bailout in case of making losses…still early: grid physical/biz infrastructure $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:43 PM
@snoopyjc all true, we do it cause we CAN. even in recession, some havbits die hard. i’ve given up $sbux but other things, no. $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:43 PM
If China bought CA IOU’s (warrants) it would be very close to a sovereign monetization/bailout of CA outside of DC. Symbolic impact huge. $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:43 PM
@ryamada Portland just landed Vestas World HQ for wind 4 USA, would NOT take an Arnold CA IOU…….me dont play those games $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:42 PM
I think most Gen. Ob. CA bonds held by private indiv. These high-worth indiv. may consider relocating. Somewhat diff from T-bonds. $$
Twigins: Jul. 05 at 9:41 PM
who would buy a house today, unsure of income, unsure of expenses, unsure to safe water supply – who’s gonna buy? $$
ericjackson: Jul. 05 at 9:41 PM
@GregorMacdonald portland may be smart but OR unemployment is brutal. must be good convo at local starbucks $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:41 PM
My concern too. And here is my social take on cascading foreclosures: Somebody finally says “Make me move. We ain’t leaving. ” @mp7124 $$
TrendTrading: Jul. 05 at 9:41 PM
Short Candidates: $TRE (h&s), $MVL (mult top), $ADS (trendline), $COST (<45)
snoopyjc: Jul. 05 at 9:41 PM
“The US eats too much, drinks too much, and spends too much” ~Bill Gross, 2004 via David Tice $BEARX $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:40 PM
@GregorMacdonald So why can’t China buy the warrants and exercise them later? $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:40 PM
@GregorMacdonald Not sure about Portland, given OR ‘s high persistent unemployment. I’d add DC to the list; VA and MD pretty solvent. $$
FinanceTrends: Jul. 05 at 9:40 PM
David Morgan: Summary of inflation & deflation in US (& how gold & silver performed) $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:40 PM
This is my question too. It’s like the downfall of an axiom “CA unlike DC cannot print money.” Heh Heh. Yeah right. :-) @powitz $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:40 PM
globally – it would seem a catalyst/Black Swan event could push things globally one way or another – either war – invention – discovery $$
trader46: Jul. 05 at 9:40 PM
@WeeklyTA chart of $royl please
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:39 PM
Fascinating and not unexpected that CA IOUs are getting scalpers/bidders. I think CA is printing warrants, essentially. @dvolatility $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:38 PM
My guess is that approx. 95% of global population has useless commodity skills $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:38 PM
@dvolatility … that you’d better be the one making the bots!! $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:38 PM
New York taxation is insane – property and school taxes out of control – taxes are the 2nd and 3rd mortgage in NY $$
powitz: Jul. 05 at 9:38 PM
@GregorMacdonald What do you think is the FED’s take on the Cali IOU’s? Do they look at it as a threat to money $$
dvolatility: Jul. 05 at 9:37 PM
@pdenlinger what happens when bots replace low wage jobs? Asimo….. $$
dvolatility: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
RT @pdenlinger: In today’s world, there is more demand for you if you are barrel of oil/ton of coal than a person $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
global depression probability tilting past 50%?? $$
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
@alienone it is such a way of thinking that makes me glad I now live in Canada. $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
IBD advises that $ADY has a good chart pattern. just sayin’, take a look!
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
Yes it just seems to me that exodus from NY and CA is coming. Smart cities like Portland, Boulder-DEN, Austin to catch them? @ryamada $$
ryamada: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
Perhaps all of this means that a strengthening dollar over next few months not completely absurd, despite massive Treasury issuance. $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:36 PM
Can’t stop laughing at Beijing’s attitude to California referendums and possible solutions… $$
tradersam: Jul. 05 at 9:35 PM
discretionary – $CXS stopped out at (sell to close) @ 0.60
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:35 PM
gun and ammo sales skyrocketing in the USA due to combination of fear – laws restricting gun owner ship, and unease regarding economy $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:34 PM
@darnoc Agreed 100% on Sinovel pushing out into OUTSIDE China,…Vietnam, Thailand with Wind Power $$ , also $APWR w/ShenYangPowerAlliance
IRON100: Jul. 05 at 9:34 PM
@GregorMacdonald Most of the net decline in forest/farm land is supposedly caused by lumber price softness (another yr of softness ahead) $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:34 PM
Yes. It was my view that oil production would get hurt. But Orlov takes it to next level vis a vis a global depression. @diver2anne $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:34 PM
There is no scarcity of resources, just trust. And excessof greed. $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:34 PM
@GregorMacdonald The last time GS opined about oil prices, they were saying $200/bbl. $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:33 PM
@sagebrennan I think Japanese wld love HI for their honeymoons and golf. CN could have other four states on condition they take ppl too. $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:33 PM
@gregormacDonald RE not going down in certain cities, ie Denver, our prices are stabile NOW after 24 months of falling $$
ShiftCTRL: Jul. 05 at 9:33 PM
A closer look at the strongest $SPX support $$
Swetherhold: Jul. 05 at 9:33 PM
@WeeklyTA $aapl,$rimm,$apc,$wfc,$sds
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:33 PM
@alienone Someone predicted recently that the next war would be within the USA. Is that why the guns mania? $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:32 PM
In last 10 days we had big Jeff Currie (GS) oil CC saying Q4 oil prices much higher. Plus: Aspen conf Carlyle calling for spike @biostock $$
FinanceTrends: Jul. 05 at 9:32 PM
@alienone I do know that Marc Faber, others have mapped out war cycles w/ relation to periods of resource scarcity $$
darnoc: Jul. 05 at 9:32 PM
@wind4me sure, 60% local content min is norm – also look for push outside China by Sinovel & other CN wind cos in ’10 $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:32 PM
@GregorMacDonald BP says China can ”influence” Angola execs, ie BRIBES , where as BP is public company and cannot bribe w/roads, school $$
IRON100: Jul. 05 at 9:32 PM
@GregorMacdonald Energy price spikes and printing press aftereffects could do a double whammy on inflation if all cap and trade hits. $$
wallstCS: Jul. 05 at 9:23 PM
Forest from Trees: B Shannon @alphatrends updated what I consider one of most useful charts for macro perspective: $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:23 PM
Will breaking this trading range require a massive external shock? Coming from a European failure or China pushback? $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:23 PM
@diver2ann or ethanol .. $$
niubi: Jul. 05 at 9:22 PM
@GregorMacdonald what happens to muni mkt if ca defaults, or if us govt bails out ca? $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:22 PM
@niubi Thankyou. Here is a question: did the China boom bring Han and Uighur into closer contact with each other, last 10 yrs? $$
diver2anne: Jul. 05 at 9:21 PM
@GregorMacdonald Totally agree with you about Honduras–also it and rest of Central America very fertile-food. $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:21 PM
The Centre for Labour Market Studies (CLMS) in Boston says US unemployment is now 18.2pc, counting the old-fashioned way. $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:19 PM
I like to look at world affairs in terms of signs. Understand your point about Honduras being small. Sparks start small @wind4me $$
mikestiller: Jul. 05 at 9:19 PM
@GregorMacdonald CA: Will the notion of moving to Cali, the best place in US change? Will perceptions radically transform? $$
alienone: Jul. 05 at 9:19 PM
New York #2 to taxation back to the stone age – taxes are the catch 22 to any substantive recovery – 70% GDP based upon consumer spending $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:19 PM
@mbusigin What you are talking about is run through a different ministry. I’m talking mainly re courts and security $$
donahchoo: Jul. 05 at 9:18 PM
@GregorMacdonald agreed, they are in a world of hurt. relying on stock options and cap gains for revenue big mistake, plus over spending $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:18 PM
Just like the US California is now exactly the wrong scale. Getting anything done is impossible. And mistakes are supersized @mikestiller $$
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:17 PM
@gregormacdonald sorry but Honduras is a pimple on the elephants butt for economic world affairs $$
mp7124: Jul. 05 at 9:17 PM
Will the next leg down actually happen? Bears have been ineffective. Fighting FED or something else? $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:17 PM
@GregorMacdonald I would say that Obama is in same situation as Beijing, except he is dealing with state governments. $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:17 PM
@pdenlinger Is this the mechanism that they get holidays and appliances from? $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:17 PM
Even if there is compromise, there is till a 26B shotgun hole in CA budget. That is 26B hit to any FED StimPak @donahchoo $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:16 PM
@GregorMacdonald Beijing relies on local officials to keep society harmonious, thus thwarting any chances of meaningful reform $$
mikestiller: Jul. 05 at 9:16 PM
@GregorMacdonald and from corp level, taxes will driven business out? To, Midwest? Denver? $$
nancefinance: Jul. 05 at 9:16 PM
Economist says infrastructure spending in poorer western areas in China up 46% in first 4 mos y/y $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
@GregorMacdonald In China, the local officials who implement policy and are ears, eyes, hands, throat of govt have real power $$
brownpau: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
…although honestly, it’s an immense pisser that the Nokia 5800 OS (S60v5) lacks copy/paste. Big step back for $NOK.
TamelaRich: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
RT @Dasan Frank Rich of NYTImes agress with Dasan’s rant on Madoff: more eloquently, and blames $GS, too:
donahchoo: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
@GregorMacdonald actually CA Dems agreed not to raise taxes and CA Reps agreed not to cut education $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
I’d say if you are in power, you are at risk. Left, Right, whatever If you are at the helm watch out. Anywhere. Everywhere @FinanceTrends $$
ShiftCTRL: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
The logical March low & current problems $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:15 PM
@mbusigin or maybe just include everyone in the upturn: consumers must benefit, & have money to spend on discretionary items, Maybe?? $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:14 PM
@GregorMacdonald Beijing has kinds of neat initiatives but cannot make them happen on local level $$
zortrades: Jul. 05 at 9:14 PM
@WeeklyTA $RTI, $ZEUS
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:13 PM
@GregorMacdonald There are serious reforms going on in CN govt., but I don’t think they go far enough fast enough to avert disaster $$
KeithShepard: Jul. 05 at 9:13 PM
[post] $DGP $IVV $RTH – I marked-up three more ETFs that I’m watching this week as possible tr..
WeeklyTA: Jul. 05 at 9:13 PM is pretty cool. I think I will upload some charts tonight. Any special requests for the Chart Addict? $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:12 PM
Re: unrest, @AriCostello mentioned that the CN gov’t is giving appliances/holidays to rural folk – they must be worried about unrest? $$
Dasan: Jul. 05 at 9:12 PM
@donahchoo agree, my beef was with the idea that Madoff was the only crook this cycle. $gs actions vis a vis $aig questionable though
FinanceTrends: Jul. 05 at 9:12 PM
@GregorMacdonald Tweeted this link from @RealClearWorld earlier; makes the case “Honduras is a blow to Chavez” $$
Brodieville: Jul. 05 at 9:10 PM
@dmooney9 heh heh i already own shares, have loved this stock for months buy more! $tck
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:10 PM
@UrbaneGorilla Yes the StimPak had myriad features that potentially set it up for failure/non-effectiveness. $$
UrbaneGorilla: Jul. 05 at 9:10 PM
@donahchoo You serious about $TNA? Looks like Natgas is cheap, but all the Ag-chems are rolling over ..
UrbaneGorilla: Jul. 05 at 9:09 PM
@theback9 Just read somewhere (Geez! Read too much.. Can’t recall where I read stuff) that we have only really spent about 9% of the $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:08 PM
Also tonight, we have intriguing social unrest in Honduras, and also in Western CN w/ Han/Uighur |Any thoughts on unrest via global econ? $$
donahchoo: Jul. 05 at 9:08 PM
@alphatrends does this inflation adjust comparison change your opinion of where we are? $$
NoDoji: Jul. 05 at 9:07 PM
@ryamada what are your plans for playing the $FAZ $FAS reverse splits?
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:07 PM
@AriCostello see any wind farms in China ?? $$
theback9: Jul. 05 at 9:06 PM $$
donahchoo: Jul. 05 at 9:06 PM
I have skillz to write myself, but no time. 2 kids, job and market studies. oy. $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:06 PM
Have a read a ton of stories coming through now on US infra projects can’t get FED money, plus Energy Dept logjammed. And so on @mbusigin $$
theback9: Jul. 05 at 9:05 PM
@UrbaneGorilla only if we get a 2nd stimulus package $$
donahchoo: Jul. 05 at 9:05 PM
I need a desktop app for my trade journal, needs to tie into database backend so its searchable, also needs to hold imgs of charts. $$
NoDoji: Jul. 05 at 9:05 PM
@ryamada Do you mean if $SPX fails support at 822? I’d hope to see $SPY bounce off 82 or so. I hate to go short, rather wash dishes.
wind4me: Jul. 05 at 9:05 PM
@GregorMacDonald my research says 440 Billion spending by China , 12 million per hour 24/7 for next 2 years $$ $APWR my pick 4 GreenChina
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:04 PM
We also helpfully have a great series of tweets today by @AriCostello on his trip, just back from China: my takeaway – massive infra. $$
pdenlinger: Jul. 05 at 9:04 PM
@GregorMacdonald I’m keeping my eye out for the outside variables which will make things much worse, replacing current zombie state. $$
beanieville: Jul. 05 at 9:04 PM
@donahchoo The reason the skeptics can’t accept this is valid is because they’ve been bear-blogged to death. $$
mikestiller: Jul. 05 at 9:04 PM
@GregorMacdonald Id like to hear ppls thoughts on implications of CA situation, both on corporate and individual level. $$
mbusigin: Jul. 05 at 9:04 PM
2. depends on the country you’re talking about.. $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:03 PM
@wind4me As many know, I wrote a ton of posts this Winter on my blog saying the Chinese StimPak was a real deal: Trains, Solar, Wind. $$
sailorlion: Jul. 05 at 9:03 PM
Is anybody watching CNBC: Asia? $$
GregorMacdonald: Jul. 05 at 9:02 PM
There are two macro questions that I think are key 1. How bad is next leg down in CA RE gonna be. 2. How much Keynsian failure of StimPak $$
niubi: Jul. 05 at 9:02 PM
Should any financial firm that participates in ANY of fed/govt welfare facilities be allowed 2 short us government paper? $$
Adrigonzo: Jul. 05 at 9:01 PM
I Knew Inflation Raged Under George W Bush but… $$
theback9: Jul. 05 at 9:01 PM
but u know what if the gov keeps the stimulus spending going then actually is could happen $$
StockTwits: Jul. 05 at 9:01 PM
MacroTwits Hour with @GregorMacDonald starts now here on StockTwits!


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