Join Tadas Viskanta for the Abnormal Returns Book Signing at the CFA Institute Annual Conference in Chicago Monday May 7th

On Monday May 7th at 3PM, Tadas Viskanta will be signing copies of his new book Abnormal Returns at the McGraw Hill Booth at the CFA Institute: 65th Annual Conference in Chicago.

If you are attending be sure to stop by.

Tadas is the editor of the essential Abnormal Returns Blog and the premier curator of the financial web.

You can find the details about the conference and the book signing here.

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

From Josh Brown:

 In other words, what if the one person in the world who has read, absorbed and organized every important financial market fact in the history of investing decided to write it down, excluding the superfluous and emphasizing the canonical?

From David Merkel:

The book is modest, in that it does not promise you greater profits if you follow his advice.  It is a realistic book, because most of us know that the basic principles of investing are straightforward, but they get clouded by academics and hucksters.  After you read this book, you may or may not earn more, but you will probably be safer.

From Tim Richards:

In the midst of this mayhem is Tadas Viskanta’s Abnormal Returns, a “forecast free” daily compendium of the best and most lucid writings from around the web, interleaved with posts giving a sideways insight into the ideas that drive the site.  Combined, those ideas have now been integrated into a book which is probably the best definition of the challenges facing the modern investor now extant.


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