Is the Green Mountain/Coke Partnership Bullish For SodaStream?

There’s a lot of interesting discussion about whether the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters/Coca-Cola Partnership makes SodaStream an attractive takeover candidate for Pepsi, or if $SODA is hurt by the added major competitor and taking the only big buyer sniffing around the space out of play.

Now that $SODA’s market cap is around $745.51M, is this even feasible?


Feb. 6 at 8:26 AM

If $KO is entering the home made cola market does $PEP have any choice in case the business moves that way $SODA


Feb. 6 at 8:28 AM

If they can make the home made beverages taste like the bottled beverages its a no brainer as Uncle Carl would say $SODA $KO $PEP


Of course, the bigger picture implications of the partnership news may be the signaling of a sea-change in the beverage industry…


Feb. 6 at 8:23 AM

$SODA should be up on the $GMCR, not down. This means the big boys like $KO acknowledge a bigger industry. No position in any.


Feb. 6 at 8:34 AM

The $KO stake in $GMCR is just the validation of how scared are the soda makers in front of $SODA


Feb. 6 at 8:53 AM

$SODA What coke told the WORLD is that the beverage industry is changing. And they can’t compete for 2 years. #cokeandasmile :)


Or maybe it was a defensive move?


Feb. 6 at 9:12 AM

$SODA Anyone think maybe Pepsi has already beaten Coke to SODA and therefore Coke went with GMCR?


But which is the smartest investment?


Feb. 6 at 9:14 AM

hate to say this but based on premarket $SODA looks like a better long than $GMCR today


~Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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