Investor Relations Officers: Tools to Aid Your Social Workflow

Managing your investor communications to broadcast across multiple social and financial channels via StockTwits is easy. To make it even easier, we’ve got tools for you to schedule posts to publish at pre-determined dates/times and to save pre-crafted messages as drafts for later publication on-demand.

Scheduling is great if you’ve got an event, earnings release, blog post, or product launch coming up that you’d like to promote. When crafting your message in your StockTwits IR Dashboard, simply click the calendar icon underneath the message box and set the date/time.


All of your scheduled messages will be easily retrievable in your scheduled messages tab to make edits or cancel the publication.

During earnings events, it can be beneficial to create multiple messages that highlight key bullet points. To ease your workflow, you can create these messages and save in drafts before publishing. This allows you to review all messages for accuracy, as well as the ability to have the messages on standby, ready to be published with a quick click of the button when appropriate. Simply click the disk button under the message box to save the message into your drafts tab.


Publish your messages how and when you want via the StockTwits IR Dashboard. Just a couple of the many ways StockTwits helps you handle your social investor communications workflow more effectively.

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