Investor Communications For Consumer Brands

As the holiday shopping season is upon us, consumer brands are front and center.

There are many widely known consumer brands utilizing twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, and other social media platforms to craft their images, engage with their customers, and offer them great deals and promotions. This has been an amazing development over recent years for both companies and bargain-shopping customers alike.

As consumers become more and more comfortable engaging with the brands they love via social channels, these consumers (who are also investors) are now coming to expect companies to be just as forthright with their financials. Investors want to be part of a two-way conversation, or at the very least have a venue available to them where they can be kept abreast of the latest company info and engage the company or other investors in conversation about recent trends affecting their investments.

With investors demanding this level of participation, a very real consideration for publicly traded consumer brands is whether or not to mix their (admittedly dry) financials and revenue forecasting with messages about their latest 25% Off Holiday Sale? Will this risk alienating their Average Joe follower who just follows you for deals? Will it knock the bloom of the rose when earnings hit a rough patch? Will it hamper your efforts to keep your audience focused on your products and instead get them all riled up about off-topic financial jargon, further annoying your average follower base?

One way to solve this possibly thorny issue is to have a separate social vehicle that drives your investor communications to the right audience, at the right venue, surrounded by the proper context to ensure your message is delivered properly.

StockTwits affords consumer brands the ability to communicate directly with their investors in the venues where investors are researching their investment thesis in your shares. StockTwits ticker-streams are a robust river of real-time ideas and commentary that reflect sentiment around your brand as an investment opportunity. These streams alone are more than enough to reach a strong audience. However, via StockTwits distribution partnerships, your messages also land on many of the largest financial destinations on the web including Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Bloomberg, and many more. Investors who visit these sites are looking for financial data. Meet them where they are.

2014 is rapidly approaching and Investor Relations departments around the world are brainstorming ways to better communicate with their audience in the most efficient and relevant way. Let StockTwits help you craft your strategy.

To discuss opportunities or to see a demo of the StockTwits IR dashboard, contact Sean McLaughlin at (720) 638-2991 or via email You can also view an overview online at



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