Introducing The StockTwits Real Time App for Android

This morning, we have launched The StockTwits Real Time App for Android. This app is simple to use and fast.  Now, members can view and share on the StockTwits idea network in real time on their Android phones from anywhere.

The StockTwits Real Time App allows members to create and access a watchlist with tickers of interest.

The StockTwits Android App includes trending tickers streams so you always know which stocks are in play while they’re in play.

The StockTwits Real Time App also features community curated news, real time quotes and charts by YCharts. Get out!

Sending messages from the new app is easy and will assure that the information you share can be broadcast to many of the largest sites across the web, not only to StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but also to our many API partners such as Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, Reuters and Bing Finance.

With the StockTwits Real Time App for Android, you will never miss out on what you need to know or what you didn’t even know you needed to know all brought to you by the largest and smartest community of traders and investors in the universe.

You will make Wall Street keep up with you.

You can dowload the app HERE.

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