Introducing the StockTwits Cashtag Collection


At Stocktwits, our community loves to talk about stocks and markets in fun and insightful ways you can’t find anywhere else. So we thought “What better way to celebrate our most talked about stocks than by designing some stylish t-shirts?”. Our designer Tim (@trogus) has created these custom designs and has picked the softest t-shirts to print them on.  Introducing the Cashtag Collection….


The StockTwits Cashtag Collection is a quarterly, limited edition set of high quality t-shirts tastefully-designed to recognize the stocks that the StockTwits community talked about most in the previous quarter. For our inaugural release we designed 6 great t-shirts based on the hottest stocks of Q1 of 2016 that you could rock all summer long.

Collect them all or just buy one or two.

Shop the Cashtag Collection


$VRX aka “The Hedge Fund Manager”

$LABU & $LABD aka “Red Pill, Blue Pill”


$SUNE aka “Setting $SUNE

$VIX aka “Sick Sigma”

$TWTR aka “Dead Bird”

$UWTI and $DWTI aka “YOILO”

Shop the Cashtag Collection

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