Introducing the New StockTwits

Today we are excited to launch a new, redesigned StockTwits website.  This new design focuses on simplifying the experience and bringing you closer to the information you need when you need it.

Designed to Fit your Screen

The new StockTwits utilizes responsive design to fit your screen.  Whether you are on a big monitor, an iPad, or a mobile browser, we optimize the experience to make StockTwits easier to use wherever you are.


A Simpler Navigation

We have simplified the top navigation to include three main areas of the StockTwits site: Home, Inbox, and Signals.

Home is where you can select and view streams.  From Home you will find your personalized streams, such as the People and Stocks you are following or a watch list you have created as well as the standard StockTwits streams, like Futures or Forex.

Home will always default to the stream you last viewed.  This means if you click through to a user or ticker page, you can always hit Home to get back to where you were before.  We will also save the streams that you have recently viewed at the top, so you can easily navigate between your favorite streams.


Inbox is where you can read and respond to messages sent to you..  Here you will find both your Direct Messages and Mentions. When new messages are in your Inbox, an orange number will light up on the top navigation to let you know!


Signals is a new way to look at StockTwits.  From the StockTwits Social Heatmap to People Rising in Popularity this is where will find new and interesting ways to look at StockTwits data.


We also have brought back and improved dynamic navigation such as Recently Viewed people and stocks and Trending Tickers, so that you are always one click away from what’s important.

Find the Top Content and Contributors for Tickers You Care About

The new StockTwits ticker pages will help you find top content and top people around the tickers you are interested in.

On top of many streams you will now see a Top filter.  Pressing it will filter the stream for top messages from top contributors.  This is particularly useful to easily catch up on busy tickers like $AAPL or to quickly find out why a stock is trending.


In addition, on the right side of any ticker page you will be able to see Top Contributors for that ticker.  If you are invested in a stock or thinking about it, this is a great way to connect with others who are interested in that stock as well.

Your Trading and Investing Profile

The new StockTwits profile pages put you, and your interests and activity at the center of the experience.  We now display your top mentioned stocks, recent activity, and make it easy to see what stocks and people you have in common with someone.

Message From Anywhere

We have made it easy to share investing ideas, charts, or links anywhere on the site.  On the top bar, you can click the message box icon (or type Alt+n)  to bring up the message box from anywhere you are on StockTwits.


We really think you will like the changes.  Please let us know what you think! We have created a place for feedback here and there is a tab on the bottom right side of each page of the site as well.

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