Introducing StockTwits IR Beta

One of the great things about StockTwits is that it makes it so easy for those involved in markets to communicate and share ideas in real time.  It levels the playing field so people can converse or just listen in on those who share their best thoughts.

More and more we are finding that companies themselves are joining in on the conversation as well which is simply amazing!  We want to foster this and so we have built an Investor Relations platform.  StockTwits IR will make it easy for investors to follow what the companies they are interested in are communicating and for companies to speak directly to investors.
StockTwits IR

StockTwits IR fosters direct and public communication between companies and investors. It democratizes the conversation.  It is an Investor Relations platform which aims to meet the demands of the companies, our community members, and the social web.

Verified Accounts

One challenge for companies on the internet and social web is trust.  For example, how does one know if it is truly the company directly broadcasting its message.   This is true especially in financial markets as rumors swirl.  To address this we have created Verified IR accounts.  The Verified account status allows investors to know for certain that the information is coming from the company itself and that it can be trusted.  Each account verified by us gets a Verified IR badge and a green IR ribbon on their avatar.

Each IR Account is Verified by us and gets a Verified Badge

IR Updates Headline

With StockTwits IR we give the control of the StockTwits symbol page to the IR professional.  One feature of this is the IR Update Headline, which sits on the top of the company’s symbol stream. This allows IR professionals to emphasize the message that they wish to send to investors.  This is critical because as events occur and rumors proliferate, companies must be able to communicate with clarity in real-time.

IR Updates Headline allows IR professionals to quickly and easily distribute valuable information to investors.

Earnings Calls and Presentations
In addition to being able to control the message you send, StockTwits IR provides companies a platform to post important information such as SlideShare presentations and earnings calls right on the StockTwits symbol page.   Together with account verification, this empowers companies looking to both share information in a timely manner  and communicate directly.

Ability to post Presentations and Earnings Calls
Communicate with real investors in real time

Admin and Analytics
StockTwits IR users will be have an Admin where they can customize their page and share documents and information with the public.  They will also be able to access detailed analytics including visitors, mentions, and engagement.  We plan on expanding the backend significantly adding more in-depth analytics and notifications in the future.

StockTwits IR Users will be able to manage their IR homepage through the Admin
Access analytics including mentions, page views, and user engagement

We are excited to have  Hewlett-Packard ($HPQ), @hpnews, CME Group ($CME), @CMEGroup, and Ford Motors ($F), @Ford as early adopters of the StockTwits IR platform.  $HPQ reports after the close today so be sure to follow them and check out their symbol page to see the platform in action.

If you are an IR professional and would like to learn more about this platform please check out our IR page to read our whitepaper and sign up.

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