Introducing Stock Following and the Home Stream

We are excited to launch a new feature set on StockTwits today: Stock Following and the Home Stream.  We believe this will be a major step in the future of our financial idea network.

We’ve found that people use StockTwits for two main reasons:

1) To connect and share ideas with fellow traders and investors

2) To see what others are saying about stocks they are watching.

With this new feature we tie that all together.

If you look on any symbol page (such as $AAPL) you will now notice a big, green Follow button.  You can now follow stocks like you follow people:

When you login, you will be brought to a new default stream – the Home Stream.  The Home Stream will stream messages from:

1) The people you are following

2) The symbols you are following

If you are no longer interested in a stock, just go to its page, and click Unfollow, and it will no longer appear in your Home Stream.  The best thing about following a stock is you won’t hurt its feelings if you unfollow it!

We think this is going to be an amazing discovery tool.  You can now browse through and see who is following a particular stock, or symbol – and easily follow them too. You can check out the people following Apple here.

In addition, you can see what stocks people are following, and follow them if you like.  Here’s what stocks I’m following.

We are very excited for the possibilities of such a simple feature.  We believe it will really allow us to deliver ideas and alerts to you in whatever format you choose and provide new, interesting ways for our users to discover new people and new ideas.  So get out there and start following stocks!

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