Introducing Official Accounts

Trust is the foundation for building any healthy community or team, and from the beginning we’ve sought to make trust the foundation of StockTwits. As we grow, many public companies, market professionals, business, and media outlets have joined in on our conversations, and it is important that we ensure that our community can trust the information delivered by these sources. That’s why today we’re excited to tell you about this yellow check thingy — the launch of Official Accounts.

What’s an Official Account?

An Official Account is a verified individual, company or organization that has been authorized by StockTwits as a professional within the industry. It will also identify some of our homegrown stars as well. Each of these accounts have a golden badge adjacent to the name of the account holder. We’ve already added over 300 Official Accounts thus far, and are adding more daily, the detailed list page can be found here OR by clicking on any of the golden badges.

Official Accounts are for people with significant public identities outside of StockTwits. These are Public CompaniesMarket Professionals,Media, and Financial Businesses that are well known in the financial industry and have proven track records of providing clear, accurate information.

Discovering Official Accounts

To find these verified voices within the Stocktwits community feel free to explore our growing list of Official Accounts. You can sort these lists by profession, follower counts, frequency of activity, among other filters. And follow some or all with one click.

I Want One

We are actively seeking to verify users who would benefit the community by having an Official presence. If you believe this is you, email us at

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