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On the heels of Intel’s recent earnings release, StockTwits’ Sean McLaughlin caught up with Intel’s IR Manager, Reuben Gallegos, to chat about his experience using StockTwits to communicate with their investors.

Reuben Gallegos is an Investor Relations Manager with over fourteen years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He has five years experience in IR working with both sell and buy side analysts at Intel. He is currently responsible for defining investor strategy for both domestic and international accounts. Additionally, he has responsibility for several aspects of the IR function including tools/analytics, modeling and earnings preparation. Reuben has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Sean: What is most important in your social efforts… Engagement, Listening, or Broadcasting? and Why?

Reuben: We are more focused on broadcasting key information to this audience so that what is sent out on traditional news wire is seen on the platform at the same time. We also like to listen and get a read on what is resonating with this audience. We can also see when we are trending through alerts and see the topics driving that interest. Over time, we’ll build a feedback process to our teams so they can see this as well.

Good to see you using the trending alerts feature in your IR dashboard to keep up to date!

You’re great at sharing interesting product info and pipeline updates. How does this fit into an overall marketing strategy for Intel?

– The platform allows me to easily link input/content from the rest of the corporation. I am working with our PR lead who covers financial media to see how we can improve the linkage between those platforms and our message. The PR team has a Social Media component to all outbound messaging and StockTwits allows the financial media team to engage in a different way.

I’ve noticed you haven’t been messaging key bullet points from your earning releases. What’s holding you back?

– This has been a resource constraint but not a change in objective. I think you will see us hit key messages from the release and CFO commentary in coming quarters. We haven’t engaged in live call messages, but we are looking at that. I think that is an interesting way to engage the community in a more real-time way.

Is social scary?

Social is still intimidating for many people, especially on the finance/legal side of the house. I think companies like Netflix have been able to break through some of the FUD and demonstrate this medium is very viable.

Is there one burning question you have for me about StockTwits that I can answer for you?

– I would like to get a sense of the challenges you have had as you have engaged other companies. Are there significant roadblocks to a more extensive adoption. I would also like to hear more about buy side adoption given some reports indicating low adoption by institutional investors.

We face two big challenges when presenting StockTwits to IR departments: 1) Some don’t understand social and the value it provides. They don’t understand how communication can be greatly amplified via trusted sources and how relevant and important information bleeds out to the people that need it most with proper context via these trusted social channels. 2) Fear. Some IR departments are scared to experiment and try new things, and then when they overcome that, they are afraid of saying something that may land them in hot water with the regulators. We caution these people to not attempt to reinvent the wheel… simply send public information that you’re already sending in press releases and other channels and take advantage of the enhanced distribution StockTwits offers and build goodwill with real people and real investors.

Many thanks to Reuben and his colleagues at Intel for all the great work they are doing. Finding new ways to engage their investor audience takes vision. We’re happy to have Intel leading the charge for financial transparency and engagement on the social web. Follow Reuben and the Intel Investor Relations team on StockTwits @IntelIR.

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