Icahn adds billions to Apple’s market cap in a matter of minutes and Homebuilders roll over

These are the key stories happening on StockTwits:

The story of the day involved Carl Icahn. He announced that he’s amassed a large position in Apple. (@StockTwitsData)

After Icahn announced his Apple position, Apple’s market cap increased by more than $4 billion in a matter of minutes. (@Vconomics)

It seems obvious that Icahn and his company, Icahn Enterprises, were planning this. (@abubnic)

But before Icahn even announced his position, there was a fantastic discussion about rotations and secular trends. The conversation was centered on Apple. (@JBoorman, @BrennanBasnicki)

Then we heard a few reasons why Bernanke won’t taper. (@jfahmy)

The correlation between Gold ($GLD) and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities ($TIPS) is picking up again. (@BrennanBasnicki)

A 3D Printing company, $XONE, and an LED light bulb manufacturer, $CREEmissed Wall Street’s earnings estimates and fell more than 10%.

Home Builders continue to roll over. (@TraderStewie, TraderRL23, @upsidetrader)

The Nikkei is leading all other global indexes by a longshot so far this week. (@johnkicklighter)



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