How To: Tagging Tickers for StockTwits

Welcome New StockTwits Members!

Here is a quick How To on tagging tickers for inclusion on StockTwits.

If you are posting commentary, a trade idea, information, a link or a chart to StockTwits, you will want to tag it well so that others who are most interested in your message will see it not only on StockTwits but across our content distribution network.

A Well Tagged StockTwits Message

A Well Tagged StockTwits Message

1.  Add a StockTwits $ Cashtag (Exs: $AMZN, $GOOG, $SPY) to the tickers you are messaging about.

So, if you are messaging about Amazon, then you will tag the message with $AMZN.

2. Add only the Cashtagged Tickers that pertain to the message.

So, if you are messaging about Google, use the $GOOG tag only.

3. In addition to stocks, we also have Futures and Forex streams on StockTwits.

You can find the appropriate tags for those HERE for Futures and HERE for Forex.

4. If you watch how others are tagging, you will pick it up quickly.

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