Highlights of Ford Motor Company CFO Q&A Session on StockTwits

Many thanks once again to CFO Bob Shanks for taking the time to engage with the StockTwits community, as well as to all the participants who submitted questions for consideration.

On the heels of Ford’s 13th consecutive profitable quarter, here are responses to some of the top questions submitted by Ford investors:

Jan. 28 at 9:05 AM
Question for @Ford: What were the keys to getting record market share in China? And how big could this market grow for you? $F
Ford Jan. 28 at 4:43 PM   .@scheplick 1 of 2 By providing vehicles customers want & value esp. EcoSport, Kuga & Focus & adding capacity to build them #FordEarnings
Ford Jan. 28 at 4:44 PM .@scheplick 2 of 2 This year China industry will grow from 22.2 million in 2013 to 22.5-24.5 million units #FordEarnings

Bertbacharat Jan. 28 at 10:50 AM   $F CFO: What changes do you see coming in 2014? Anything that you are excited for? Anything that you are working towards improving?
Ford Jan. 28 at 4:48 PM .@Bertbacharat I’m really excited about 23 global product launches & we’re always working on continuous quality improvement #FordEarnings

tberla Jan. 28 at 11:18 AM   $F CFO #FordEarnings – Any possibility of spinning off Lincoln to differentiate it? Also, how about a 2 for 1 reverse stock to 31-31/share?
Ford Jan. 28 at 4:50 PM @tberla No & no. #FordEarnings

Bertbacharat Jan. 28 at 11:08 AM   $F CFO: What are the risks to the 2014 planned profit target and what actions are being taken to reduce that risk?
Ford Jan. 28 at 4:51 PM .@Bertbacharat 1 of 2 Emerging markets & the volatility associated with them. #FordEarnings
Ford Jan. 28 at 4:51 PM   .@Bertbacharat 2 of 2 For us, this means mitigating risks esp. in Venezuela & Argentina #FordEarnings

VikingTrader Jan. 28 at 11:04 AM @Ford $F Mr. Shanks, How will your company maintain/increase it’s presence in Asia in 2014?
Ford Jan. 28 at 5:02 PM   .@VikingTrader 1/2 Our strategy is to aggressively grow. We have 6 plants under construction in Asia Pacific –2 open this year #FordEarnings
Ford Jan. 28 at 5:03 PM .@VikingTrader 2/2 We’ll continue to invest heavily today to continue this growth for tomorrow & expand our product line-up. #FordEarnings

VikingTrader Jan. 28 at 11:04 AM   @Ford $F Regarding F-150 change, how will that translate to revenue given many long time F-150 owners are worried about power loss.
Ford Jan. 28 at 5:03 PM .@VikingTrader Don’t worry about this. The new #F150 is stronger, more capable than ever before. It’s awesome! #FordEarnings

dividenddotcom Jan. 28 at 2:03 PM   @Ford $F How important is it for your company to raise its dividends for investors?
Ford Jan. 28 at 5:04 PM

.@dividenddotcom very important and we doubled in the last year and just announced a 25% increase earlier this month #FordEarnings


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