From Bad Beats to Disrupting the Finance Industry: Howard Lindzon Interview With Michael Covel

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Recently, StockTwits co-founder and Chairman Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon) joined Michael Covel (@trendfollowingman) on his podcast to cover a wide range of topics.

Starting with some of Howard’s early successes and failures in money management, angel investing, and broadcasting, Howard and Michael dig deep into the experiences and lessons learned which ultimately led to the creation of StockTwits and the idea of leveraging social networks to empower individual investors and traders.

The old Wall Street way of doing business is broken. And there are so many holes that need to be burst through with force if one hopes to effect change in the staid old business. But Old Wall Street isn’t going to hold the door open for you:

If you ask for permission in the financial world, you won’t get it.
~ Howard Lindzon

This story and much more make for a fun 40 minute discussion with lots to nibble on for anyone interested in entreprenuership and its pitfalls, diversification, professional money management, and industry disruption.

Poor yourself a cup of coffee, settle into an easy chair, and take it all in. You can find the link to the podcast here:

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