Four Tips For IR Success on StockTwits

StockTwits is a powerful distribution network built for you to broadcast investor communications across the fi nancial web to the places where your investors, analysts,  and all interested parties gather to gain and share information about your company. For your Investor Relations team, the best way to gain traction and earn trust in the  community is via content and consistency. To help achieve this goal, here are four steps…


rss_logoConnect an RSS Feed. Connect an RSS feed. An easy way to immediately start generating content is to connect your IR Blog, Company Blog, and/or Press Release client. StockTwits will automatically generate messages with the title of your post, a link to it, your company $CASHTAG, and you can choose to push the message to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers as well.


calender_logoPromote and Communicate Earnings Events. In the days leading up to your next earnings report, let the community know to follow your stream on the date and time of the announcement. Send links to the conference call so people can dial in. Then prepare key bullet points ahead of time and publish them while mentioned live during the call. Make sure you’ve covered all the major points.


spreadsheet_logoShare Product News. Investors crave product news. Products are catalysts. When you’ve got something new and cool in the pipeline, share it with the community. Promote your brand.


message_logo Engage. Social Media is a conversation. Solicit questions for conference calls and answer them. Ask for product feedback. Have contests or giveaways. Make it fun. Be a real person. Members of the fi nancial community appreciate and respect when companies engage them in conversation instead of simply blasting info at them. This is a chance for your brand to shine.


Each of these steps allows your team to effectively build a reputation for transparency,  translating into trust and measurable metrics for your team to get the most out of your time spent with StockTwits.