Forex Currency Pair $TICKERS on StockTwits

The markets are becoming more global every day. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the discussions taking place on currency pair streams on StockTwits.

By request, here is a list of many of the most common currency pair $TICKERS discussed on StockTwits:

$AUDCAD Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar

$AUDCHF Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc

$AUDJPY Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen

$AUDNZD Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar

$AUDUSD Australian Dollar/US Dollar

$CADCHF Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc

$CADJPY Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen

$CHFJPY Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen

$EURCAD Euro/Canadian Dollar

$EURCHF Euro/Swiss Franc

$EURGBP Euro/British Pound

$EURJPY Euro/Japanese Yen

$EURNZD Euro/New Zealand Dollar

$EURUSD Euro/US Dollar

$GBPAUD British Pound/Australian Dollar

$GBPCAD British Pound/Canadian Dollar

$GBPCHF British Pound/Swiss Franc

$GBPJPY British Pound/Japanese Yen

$GBPNZD British Pound/New Zealand Dollar

$GBPUSD British Pound/US Dollar

$NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar/Canadian Dollar

$NZDJPY New Zealeand Dollar/Japanese Yen

$NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar

$USDCAD US Dollar/Canadian Dollar

$USDCHF US Dollar/Swiss Franc

$USDCNY US Dollar/Chinese Renminbi Yuan

$USDJPY US Dollar/Japanese Yen

$USDX US Dollar Index

$USDMXN US Dollar/Mexican Peso

…If we’ve left any out, please ping us and we’ll add.

 ~ Sean McLaughlin: Editor & Curator, StockTwits (@chicagosean)

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