Ford Motor Company CFO Robert Shanks on StockTwits

Robert Shanks

Robert Shanks

Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Ford Motor Company

Bob Shanks was named Ford Motor Company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, effective April 1, 2012. Shanks has overall responsibility for the company’s financial operations, including the Controller’s Office, Treasury and Investor Relations.





Ford ($F) will be announcing Q1 earnings on Wednesday April 24th and their investor relations team will be sharing key metrics and bullet points from their release on the @Ford StockTwits stream here:

Following the earnings release, we are pleased to announce on Friday April 26th, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ford Motor Company, Robert Shanks, will be answering selected questions submitted by the StockTwits community. This is a great opportunity for investors to engage directly with the company. To submit questions for Mr. Shanks, please address them to @Ford on StockTwits.

Questions can be sent any time this week leading up to Friday’s Q&A, though the earlier the better.

Great to have Mr. Shanks and the Investor Relations team from Ford engaging with their community on StockTwits. Transparency, social engagement, and community is a win for public companies and investors alike.

StockTwits for Investor Relations. Your community is here.

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