Ford Motor Company CFO Robert Shanks Discusses Q3 With $F Investors on StockTwits


As a leader for transparency and investor engagement via social, Ford Motor Company CFO Robert Shanks has once again taken questions from Ford investors on StockTwits following the release of Q3 financials. What follows is Robert’s answers to some of the best questions posed to him from our community…


@ChepLegendHow much pension contributions do you plan to do over the next several years? Is there a roadmap here?

Robert Shanks: In 2013 our contributions will be $5 billion, and from 2014-2016 they will be $2-$3 billion per year.

@GibbGA: With most worldwide markets improving and $F earnings per share improving, what is the criteria for a Dividend increase and/or Stock buyback program?

RS:  As earnings improve and liquidity permits, we anticipate dividends to progressively grow to a sustainable level. Ford doubled our dividend in Q1 of this year. Our focus is on generating operating-related cash flow. Our Auto operating-related cash flow was $5.6 billion through the 1st 9 months of 2013.

@scheplick I am curious how much revenue Ford Credit generates and what you see in delinquency trends there?

RS:  Ford Credit generated $2.1 billion in revenue in 3Q 2013 and $6.1 billion through the first 9 months of 2013. The rate for Ford Credit delinquency trends is very low.

@EMRWhat’s the word on natural gas for Ford?

RS:  Ford is a leader in alternative fuels. We offer more CNG/LPG-prepped engines than any other OEM.

@paststat: Congrats on record Q3 Profit in APAC. Are profits from APAC coming from 1st time buyers/were you stealing customers?

RS: Profits are coming mainly from China & the first-time buyers there.

@DocLopez:  Point Blank: Is CEO Alan Mulally seriously considering moving to $MSFT? Crush the rumor with a Yes or No.

RS: We do not engage in speculation. There is no change in CEO plans from what we announced last November.


On behalf of the StockTwits community, many thanks once again to Robert Shanks as well as Karen Untereker, Social Media Manager @ Ford for facilitating this event. Congrats on another solid quarter!

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