Five Things You Will Want To Do on Your First Visit to StockTwits

If you are a new member of the StockTwits community you might be wondering what the most experienced members here enjoy the most about our site.  So we have compiled a short list of some very cool features that you will love.

1. The Suggested Stream

The StockTwits Suggested Stream is a no brainer.  It is a stream of the very best StockTwits members that we have personally vetted over the course of the last year.  You will find a bit of everything but the common theme is high quality market discussions, generosity of ideas and camaraderie.

If you are a new StockTwits member, you will find experts who are discussing your areas of interest and so it it is also a great place to scan for people for you to follow.

2. The Charts Stream

The StockTwits Charts Stream is the human ticker for technicians.  Pull it up and you will have no end of set ups at your fingertips flowing in real time.  It takes no time to find expert chartists posting a multitude of fresh and actionable set ups.

Simply, you will be amazed that so many are willing to share their best charts.

3. Dip Into the Ticker Pages

Most who visit StockTwits will, right off the bat, have specific tickers they are interested in whether they are equities, Forex pairs or futures. The ticker pages allow you to easily view what the StockTwits community is saying about those tickers which interest you.  In addition, you will also have easy access to Chartly charts focused on these tickers as well as the most recent links relating directly to these tickers. Here are a few for you to peruse: $GOOG $EURUSD $GC_F.

4. StockTwitsTV: Plenty Goodness for Everyone

StockTwits is in the midst of building the First 24 Hour Internet Finance Television Network and we are doing it with the help of the very best of our diverse community.  While we are only just getting started, there is already plenty goodness for almost all interests.

If you are global macro focused, MacroTwits Hour with @GregorMacdonald on Sunday nights is chock filled with deep insights and community discussion.  If you are a currency trader, The Forex Report with @KevinMHughes brings insights from a natural pro currency trader.  If you are looking for special situations, @ReformedBroker’s Stock Wars covers the untold stories behind activist investors and corporate raiders.

And if you are technically focused, fuhggetaboutit, StockTwitsTV has so much to offer I don’t know where to begin.

You can find the complete programming schedule here.

5. Join The Conversation

Contributing to the flow is incredibly easy, fun and valuable.  You will receive feedback and have the chance to exchange market related ideas with a multitude of great minds.  All you have to do is type your message of 140 characters or less in the tweet entry box near the top center of any stream page and include a symbol tag beginning with a $ (EX: $AMZN, $AUDUSD, $GC_F).

Here are a few more tips to get you started. 1. Tweet about what you know best. 2. Keep it market focused. 3. Share your best ideas.  People will love you for this. 4. Treat others how you would like to be treated. 5. For more on this, see our House Rules.

This is only a surface scratch of the features you will find on StockTwits but it is a great start.

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