FedEx Delivers Investor Transparency



Last week, FedEx delivered its latest quarterly earnings report to the community on StockTwits and the package was well received as investors sent $FDX on a trajectory that may soon overtake all-time highs for the stock, last set in early 2007.

FedEx Earnings

In addition to sharing revenue & earnings numbers, @FedEx encouraged the StockTwits community to send them questions via StockTwits to be answered live on their conference call. See the transcript of the conference call here, courtesy Morningstar.

While earnings days frequently see spikes in user messages, the FedEx Investor Relations team drove an impressive increase in conversation on the $FDX ticker stream.

FedEx Messages


This is the opportunity the FedEx IR team recognizes: When your audience is hungry for information, exceed their expectations and provide them with as much relevant content as you can, and make it engaging. Be there when it matters most. Delivering your messages to a wide, yet targeted audience is certainly important. It is equally important to give your investors a chance to be heard and engaged with. This is a win that pays ongoing dividends.

We are proud to have FedEx as a partner in our mission to make investor communications more social.

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