A Fantasy Stock Picking Contest For Every Trader and Investor

Are you going to join the Internet’s biggest fantasy stock picking contest?

In our last fantasy stock picking contest, the top pick returned 272% in just one month. So here’s a big round of applause for the winner @Daniel_Ward. His pick also highlights something unique about these stock picking challenges: they create an open list of trading and investing ideas shared by hundreds of people around the world.

So far, more than 350 people have joined this month’s contest. We’re giving away Cashtag Collection t-shirts to the winners. If you think you’re good at picking stocks, here’s how you enter:

  1. Pick a stock you think will outperform the market on a percentage basis this December
  2. Go to this thread, press the reply button, and enter your pick by typing it in
  3. Your pick must be submitted BEFORE December 1
  4. The contest ends on December 31

But before you make your pick, there are some rules. Like no buying 3x or 2x leveraged ETFs and every stock has to be listed on a major US stock exchange. Here are some more details about what you can buy or short in this contest:

  1. No ETFs, currencies, or leveraged products
  2. All equities must be listed on a major US stock exchange
  3. That means NYSE, Nasdaq, etc
  4. You can only pick one stock to go long or go short

We hope you enjoy this challenge and we’ll see you on the streams.



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