9 Stock Market Masters To Follow: Compilation #10 From Evan Medeiros

We continue to build lists of great traders and investors to follow. We hope these posts help introduce people to smart and thoughtful stock market participants. For this compilation, which is number 9 in a series we started several months ago, we talk with Evan Medeiros. He is a swing trader and founder of TheTradeRisk.com where he shares some excellent stock market recap videos.

What follows are 9 of his favorite people to follow (in alphabetical order) and why:

“There are many traders on StockTwits working hard and sharing great observations on a daily basis. Based on my approach to markets, the following short list are those who consistently add value to my process. For a more complete list, check out the other 90+ traders and market experts I follow on stocktwits.”

1. @AMeshkati: Ali is one of my favorite follows when it comes to analyzing the big picture. His common sense, game theory-like analysis is always a refreshing read among conventional wisdom.

2. ATMCharts: Aaron has a great eye for recognizing developing market opportunities that offer high potential return on risk. He also curates a weekly list of top trading links which is an excellent resource to catch up on anything you may have missed.

3. HowardLindzon: Howard’s stream is one of the best for idea generation. His personal curating mixed in with his insights on major trends and technology makes for a must follow for any serious investor.

4. @JBoormanJon is a systematic trend follower with one of the most consistent trading processes you’ll find. You can rely on him to point out leading stocks and offer objective market analysis.

5. @jfahmy: Joe brings experience and humor and puts a strong emphasis on finding leading stocks using relative strength during healthy market environments.

6. @KimbleCharting: Chris never stops surprising me with the chart patterns he uncovers. Often times he’ll hide the tickers he’s looking at while scanning and turn charts upside down just to eliminate personal biases, and uncover patterns most others simply glance over. He is a true master of charts.

7. @NoanetTrader: Drasko brings over 20 years of experience from all angles of the financial world.  He curates a high quality stream and shares his own insights about the macro environment and ideas for the active trader.

8. @RyanDetrick: Ryan is a pattern uncovering machine. The statistics he shares can be combined with nearly any strategy for added market context and confidence levels.

9. @Seeitmarket: With over 30 experienced contributors sharing ideas and market knowledge on a daily basis, this is one account all serious traders should be following.

We hope you enjoyed this list! If you want to hear from someone specific about their favorite follows, please let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure you sign-up for our daily email which you can find to the right side of this post.

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