This Earnings Season, Use StockTwits to Amplify Your Messages

If you’re an IRO, you know its crunch time: the reporting period for third quarter earnings is rapidly approaching.

You’ve got great numbers to report and a fantastic story to tell. Or maybe you’ve had a challenging quarter, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. Either way, you’ve got a message that needs to be delivered to your investors.

Enter: StockTwits.

If you haven’t yet joined the over 200+ public companies that are using the StockTwits Enterprise IR Dashboard to engage with your audience, you’re not out of luck…

Visit and spend less than 5 minutes setting up a free account for your company. It won’t have any of the premium features available to enterprise accounts, but it’ll give you a great opportunity to build a public company profile, start listening to conversation, and have the ability to publish content and take advantage of our distribution network to amplify your messages.

This is a great way to get a solid feel for how engaging with your audience on StockTwits works, without the financial commitment.

You can go to any time and set up your free account. If you need any guidance, we’re happy to assist.

Tap into the largest social investor network on the web – StockTwits (300,000+ active users).

The power of the StockTwits distribution network:

To discuss how StockTwits can aid you in building an effective social strategy for communicating with your investors, contact Sean McLaughlin:, @chicagosean, (720) 638-2991


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