Earnings Season: Investor Relations & StockTwits

Investor Relations departments and Officers for publicly traded companies are rapidly embracing social media as a way to reach focused communities of investors, traders, analysts, and journalists. And increasingly, companies are making use of the distribution network StockTwits has built to put their messages front and center across the financial web with their audience in a fully compliant manner.

Today, StockTwits is pleased to provide this service to nearly 200 forward-thinking companies. Many are brand names everyone recognizes such as Dell (@DellShares), Verizon (@VerizonIR), and FedEx (@FedEx); as well as many smaller companies that are trying to showcase their businesses to a larger and smarter audience.

Companies are using StockTwits to solicit questions from investors, to encourage conference call participation, and to distribute key bullet points from earnings reports and investor conferences live, in real-time.

To the left, you can see a snippet of messages FedEx sent out just as they released their latest earnings report and ahead of a scheduled conference call that was open to the investing public and advertised on StockTwits.

And these messages weren’t just viewable on StockTwits, they also appeared with our distribution partners like Yahoo! FinanceReuters, CNN Money, and many more.

StockTwits gives companies the ability to push their fully compliant messages (with custom disclaimers) to our API partners as well as their followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all from one message box and one click.



Just one of many data screens: Peer Message Volume - Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint

Just one of many data screens: Peer Message Volume – Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint

In addition to distribution and access to a focused community, the Investor Relations enterprise offering from StockTwits includes a full suite of analytics to measure results of your engagement, what’s trending, peer analysis, archiving, and much more.

Compliance, Distribution, Community, Branding, Social Media Analytics, and dedicated access to our social media consultants. All this and more on our simple to use platform.

To get your company broadcasting and engaging before your next earnings release, learn more about StockTwits for Investor Relations by following this link or by contacting Sean McLaughlin directly at smclaughlin@stocktwits.com or 312-572-9728

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