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StockTwits is building a platform for Members to share ideas and for companies to disseminate information. This alone keeps a large segment of our community engaged. But Members are also increasingly using StockTwits to build living resumes in hopes of getting hired or to attract talent.

In the age of social media, you need more than just a paper resume to land a truly meaningful position. In the finance world, StockTwits provides the perfect platform to broadcast one’s trading acumen and for employers to showcase their value proposition.

Derek Hernquist

A recent example of this comes from long-time member and current StockTwits Blog Network contributor, Derek Hernquist.

Derek runs a firm called Integrative Capital (IC) which is involved in Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation, and Discretionary Trading on behalf of clients.

Back in late 2010/early 2011 Derek was approached on StockTwits by Joey Fishman who goes by the handle @joeyfishface. Joey had admired the way Derek conducted himself on the stream and found common ground in much of the information Derek wrote about on his blog as well as the messages and links he shared on stream.” Joey interviewed me by watching what I was sharing,” said Derek. Ironically, it was Joey’s initial interviewing of Derek that began a process which led to Derek offering Joey a position at IC.

Over the course of several weeks of phone calls, emails, skype sessions, and StockTwits conversations, Derek and Joey realized there was a synergy in their different skill sets. “Joey brings skills in asset gathering to the table,” Derek said. “I’ve never been much for sales.” At the time, Joey was working as a day trader and Registered broker/advisor for a firm where he didn’t  have much discretionary say over how his customers’ accounts were managed. “He was looking for a place to make an impact, and I felt we could work great together.”

Today at IC, Joey works from his home office in Portland, Oregon where he’s primarily focused on prospecting new business and also manages a few select accounts utilizing a mean-reversion strategy. Meanwhile, Derek focuses primarily on portfolio management from the main office in Charlotte, NC. Despite the physical distance between them, technology today makes it a non-issue. “These days anyone can be so mobile, I might as well reach out far and wide and find the best person I can to work with instead of just knocking on doors locally,” Joey said about his choice to join forces with Derek.

Through the power of StockTwits, Derek was introduced to somebody who complimented his business needs and Joey found the opportunity he was looking for. Derek wasn’t necessarily looking to hire somebody, but the opportunity presented itself and he jumped at it.

If you are looking to discover talent to compliment your business on StockTwits, Derek stresses the need to pay attention to what members share on the stream. “I like to be able to see what other people’s processes are. You learn a lot about somebody by watching what they re-tweet. People are building a living resume. Not just their messages on the stream, their blogs too,” Derek says. “If you’re sharing good stuff on a blog, or sharing great links on your stream, people will get a much broader picture of who you are than what a simple piece of paper will provide.” This is invaluable color for gathering intelligence on a prospective hire, and certainly a valuable time-saving strategy. “People can watch, interact with, and get a feel for you.”

Derek relays that if he were looking to hire again, immediate turnoffs are: “Ego and patting yourself on your back. Also, victory laps, calling people out, and negativity is completely useless to me.” He admits that sometimes “there’s a fine line between people looking for business or a job versus having a passion for the information they are sharing and chatting with people about it.”

One sentiment that many on StockTwits can relate to: “I wish this StockTwits platform had been around years ago. It’s a complete game changer,” Derek says. “I thought I was the only freak out there willing to spend nights and mornings studying this stuff. Thanks to StockTwits, I now know there are lots of us freaks out there.”

Joey Fishman

On the flip-side, having recently been hired via a connection made on StockTwits, Joey Fishman mentions this advice:

“The more low-key or subdued you are, the less boisterous you are about yourself – these are the people who seem to be gaining respect quickest. People find greater value in the individuals who are calm, cool, and collected.”

Echoing Derek’s thoughts, Joey says to pay close attention to the kind of information a prospective employer shares. “I wasn’t looking to get hired, per se. I was looking to meet others who I might have synergies with.” And with Derek, it made perfect sense the more they interacted.

We at StockTwits love hearing these kinds of stories and we suspect there are many more of them out there – some just beginning to be written today.

Share great information. Discover budding talent. Get hired by cutting edge employers. This and more is happening every day on StockTwits. If you haven’t already, join the Community of Game Changers here.

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