Did Musk’s Tweet Rally the Bulls or Bring Out the Bears?

Whether you think Tesla is the real deal or not, there is no denying that this was an exciting week for Elon Musk and the $TSLA bulls. Tesla surpassed Ford in Market Cap on its way to its first taste of $300 per share. This incredible moment in the market was capped off in typical Musk fashion with an absolutely savage shout out to all of the $TSLA bears:

This isn’t the first time musk tweeted about Shortville either.  We were curious just how StockTwits investors reacted to this huge shakeup in the auto-industry so we took to the $TSLA and $F streams to find out.

Average daily message volume for $TSLA increased by almost 350% this week relative to the two weeks leading up the Market Cap takeover and Musk’s tweet.  $F also got more attention, seeing 2x the usual daily message volume.  The massive jump in volume for Tesla compared to Ford tells us that StockTwits users were not just making comparisons.  $TSLA investors are seriously excited about what this moment means for $TSLA going forward.  

This excitement  is evident when we look at the accompanying shift in sentiment.  Bullish sentiment was 66% in the two weeks leading up to $TSLA’s overtaking of $F in value.  It jumped 16% to 82% for this week.  $F investors continue to remain bullish, seeing a slight boost from 72% bullish to 74% bullish despite falling behind $TSLA in value.  

The last time Musk trolled the bears on Twitter, he pretty much called his shot. It will be fun to see if he does it again. 

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