Deliver Your IR Messages Wherever Your Investors Are Gathering

Companies that use StockTwits to originate their social investor communications enjoy reach far beyond their highly engaged StockTwits audience. Via API partnerships, your messages will also be displayed on many of the largest financial web portals including Yahoo Finance, Reuters, CNN Money, Bloomberg, and more.

On StockTwits, partner companies like PepsiCo enjoy premium message placement atop their ticker streams:


However, the story doesn’t end here. In addition, Pepsi pushed this identical message to their twitter followers and via StockTwits API, the message also appeared on Yahoo Finance:


And Reuters….


These are just a couple examples of several more API partnerships that help expand your reach and allow you to have a voice or deliver your story to your investors – wherever they are gathering to research their investment thesis in your company. Get heard.

If you aren’t already using StockTwits to amplify your social efforts, call us and we can help. Contact Sean McLaughlin at (720) 638-2991 or via email at

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