StockTwits Launches Canadian Ticker Streams!

This morning, we are very pleased to launch our first foray into international stocks with the addition of Canadian tickers to the StockTwits streams!

This is a natural extension to our list of streaming ticker categories which already includes US equities, Forexfutures and private companies.

Now, you can message about the stocks you are most interested in for all TSX listed stocks in real-time on the StockTwits platform.

Simply add .CA to the end of the ticker ($RIM.CA, $T.CA) and you are good to go!

Tagging Canadian tickers works the same way US tickers work by including the StockTwits $ Cashtag before the ticker. StockTwits will then include your message in our ticker specific streams as you post them.

Messages for Canadian stocks will stream to our distribution partner sites starting with The Globe and Mail which recently added StockTwits content to its ticker and stock related news pages.

StockTwits members will also be able to follow Canadian tickers and add them to watchlists. And members can also set search results to focus on Canadian companies in their user settings.

For more, you can read about today’s addition in The Globe and Mail here: StockTwits adds TSX-listed companies to its mix.


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