Brand New Updates to the StockTwits Android and iPhone Apps

We are excited to launch a new, updated version of our iPhone and Android apps. They are now available to download in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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What’s New

Push and In-App Notifications 

Using StockTwits on the go is now easier with real time notifications. You will now have the option to receive alerts for new follows, mentions, direct messages, and likes. We have also added a notification center within the app so you can easily keep up with and respond to your alerts.

New, Improved Message View

You can now quickly and easily see the context around messages. Tap on a message to view charts, link previews, message likes, and conversations


Symbol Views with Social Data and Filters

We’ve updated the symbol view and added StockTwits Social Sentiment and Message Volume data. We’ve also added a Top filter so you can quickly find signal on the symbol streams and catch up fast!


Share Charts, Images, and Sentiment

We have updated the message box to allow you to take or upload charts or images and add sentiment to your messages.

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Direct Message Conversations

Sending private messages is now easier with a new conversation view where you can view all messages you have sent and messages sent to you.

Brand New Design and Technology

The app has a fresh new design with easy to access navigation. We’ve also switched from native codebase to a hybrid technology approach that allows our team to push out timely updates and features and continuously improve the app across many devices and platforms.


Many More Improvements Including:

  • Change the order of stocks in your watch list
  • Block and report from user profiles
  • Update your settings and profile from within the app
  • Works well on tablet devices


Download it now


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