Apple returns to $500 for the first time since January and a look at bond bearishness


Apple is up 10% this week and outperforming just about every major index out there. It was up on Monday, and then on Tuesday Carl Icahn sent the stock soaring. Today, the huge news is Apple crossed $500/share for the first time since January.

Sentiment on the StockTwits $AAPL stream absolutely nailed this move and in just one chart everyone learned about the importance of price patterns.

Apple may be one bright spot for the tech sector, but after the closing bell Cisco ($CSCO) plummeted 10%. They announced that they plan to cut 5% of their total workforce. However, some segments showed strong growth and now more than a third of Cisco’s market cap is in cash.

Some more must-read posts on StockTwits:

@KidDynamiteBlog dropped this excellent post on Tesla’s ($TSLA) lock-up expiration.

UBS says Carl Icahn will have no impact on Apple or its willingness to raise its dividend or buyback.

Howard Lindzon stopped by CNBC Fast Money to talk about Icahn, social media, and investing.

Bullishness on bonds has fallen to it its lowest level in 2 years.

And the long bond, $TLT, has officially entered bear territory.

This is how the S&P 500 is doing when compared to England, Australia, and Europe.


A quick update on the Great Tech Rotation that is $AAPL vs $GOOG over the last year:



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