Any Port In A Storm

In a sea of red, Cisco Systems $CSCO offers save harbor for bullish investors looking to ride out the red tide.

Today in a nutshell $SPX $CSCO

— Greg Guenthner (@GregGuenthner) May. 15 at 08:48 AM


Stocks as a whole are seeing losses across the board this morning. But Cisco investors appear to be unaffected as they react positively to latest quarterly results released yesterday after the close, sending $CSCO shares up as much as 8% this AM. Today’s activity is prompting some to suggest Cisco is quickly becoming the perceived “safety play” in the tech space:

EVERYONE is plowing into $CSCO as a safe haven tech name.

— tickertutor (@tickertutor) May. 15 at 08:34 AM


Of course, not everyone is impressed…

@GregGuenthner Something very wrong about $CSCO being the bright spot in the market.

— Dynamic Hedge (@DynamicHedge) May. 15 at 08:51 AM


…as there are some very real fundamental concerns that need to be addressed:

$CSCO optimism might not last long.. Q/Q sales growth trend is broken…

— (@prognolic) May. 15 at 07:47 AM


And despite today’s impressive gains against the tide, sentiment on the $CSCO stream took a pretty noticeable tumble from higher levels in recent days:

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 7.45.00 AM 

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