And The Winner of Free StockTwits Schwag Is….


Last weekend, we asked the StockTwits community for their best trade idea for the upcoming week. The rules maybe weren’t perfectly clear (my fault), but essentially what we were looking for was your best trade idea and we’d rank the performances based on the opening print at Monday’s open and the closing print at Friday’s close.

We had nearly 100 participants enter the contest for free schwag. Interestingly, nearly 88% of you offered bullish picks.

And so, without further delay, the winner with a +9.28% move with his long $TSLA pick from the open on Monday to the close on Friday is…


Well, it was ME (haha!). Folks, ya gotta bring your A-Game to compete with the big boys :)

But, since my wife constantly tells me I own and wear FAR TOO MUCH StockTwits gear, we’ll crown the winner of our contest the man who came in second place with a 5.25% gain on his long $MGM pick…


Congrats Eric and great job! Follow Eric on Stocktwits here: @EricSteiman

An honorable mention goes to @Wildsoccr who had an amazing pick in $GRPN, but he didn’t submit his idea until Tuesday morning. Sorry, I’m a stickler to the rules. But nonetheless, you’ve earned yourself a little something too.

And just for fun, the worst performer – with a 9.89% loss in his $MNKD pick  – and eligible for a consolation price is @RocketpowerYUL. Can’t win ’em all Mike, but you still have to step up the plate and take another swing. Hopefully a StockTwits coffee mug will help you keep the blood flowing while you’re dreaming up new ideas.

Thanks to everyone for playing.


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